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Special Topics

Used Special Topics Textbooks

Our special topics textbooks expound upon disciplines directly related to the field of engineering. From nautical topics to farming and military weaponry, this is the place to find information and resources on all the information you need regarding engineering.

Nautical Special Topics Textbooks

If you have a special interest in the sea, marine engineering, boats or the weather, we have some great special topics textbooks for you. Many of our nautical special topics textbooks cover the facets of navigation at sea, watercraft repair and basic boating skills. There are also a variety of books on very specific skills, such as knot tying and reading nautical charts. These nautical special topics textbooks also include some interesting accounts of some of the greatest storms in history and structures that withstood and succumbed to them. Our collection of new and used special topics textbooks with a nautical focus will enhance your knowledge base and diversify your skill set. Many of the tips and techniques here are highly applicable to the engineering field.

New and Used Special Topics Textbooks on Farming Engineering

Farming and engineering go hand in hand. There are many changes that have taken place over the last few centuries in the farming industry that are the direct results of engineers. You can explore the evolution of tractors, from the very early models to the state of the art pieces of equipment that are used today. Some of the popular special topics textbooks on farming here also include step-by-step instructions for repairing common farm equipment and maximizing efficiency on a plot of land. Other favorites in this department include titles on organic farming technology and genetic engineering.

Cheap Special Topics Textbooks on Military Engineering

Some other important areas that our special topics textbooks cover are military and weaponry. There are a variety of area-specific special topics textbooks here that explore the functions and procedures exercised within each branch of the United States military. You can discover just how the machine gun was invented, the many scientific techniques that went into the development of the first submarine, and even review historical accounts of ancient weaponry. Cheap special topic textbooks like these are great for performing research, and they also make great gifts for special occasions or personal libraries.

Look for incredible savings on new and used special topics textbooks when you shop online today. No engineering topic is too broad or narrow when it comes to these special topics textbooks.