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Used Civil Textbooks

Civil engineering textbooks are great tools for gathering an understanding of this dynamic field. In our collection of cheap civil engineering textbooks, we feature new and used titles at the best prices. You can build a home reference library or pick out all the books you need for school right here. Discover the exciting facets of civil engineering in the pages of these books. There are structural guides, professional manuals, and advice on how to design environmentally friendly civil engineering projects.

New and Used Civil Engineering Textbooks on Renowned Structures

Civil engineering is the oldest professional engineering discipline. It takes into account many different types of structures, including roads, bridges, buildings and canals. You can explore the history of the field by delving into our civil engineering textbooks on renowned structures. We have titles about specific structures like the Brooklyn Bridge and Erie Canal. There are also resources here pointing toward the trends and common techniques used in civil engineering in different cultures. The cheap civil engineering textbooks here are priced so that you can collect resources on all of the most important structures on earth, from those that have been standing for many years to those that are testing the limits of science and human power.

Cheap Civil Engineering Textbooks for Professionals

If you are a professional in the engineering trade, then we have a great set of workbooks, manuals and study guides to help you accomplish all of your career goals. The civil engineering textbooks for professionals here include study guides for professional examinations, such as the LEED AP exam or the PE exam. There are also up to date editions of building codes and regulations that are integral for success and compliance in the civil engineering field. Browse our selection of cheap civil engineering textbooks that you can't afford to pass up if you are a professional or aspiring civil engineer.

Environmentally Friendly Civil Engineering Textbooks

As the world shifts toward more environmentally friendly business and manufacturing practices, the civil engineering field has undergone some radical changes. You can learn about green building projects and how to use alternatives sources of energy for your civil engineering responsibilities. Choose from new and used civil engineering textbooks on topics like solar power, recycling and energy efficiency.

Civil engineering is a growing and demanding field. Find excellent resources, ideas and tips for success in our civil engineering textbooks.