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Patents & Inventions

Used Patents & Inventions Textbooks

For creative thinkers and innovators, patents and inventions textbooks are excellent resources to get a new idea off the ground. In this collection of new and used patents and inventions textbooks, you will find resources on the history of many great inventions, biographies on famous inventors, step-by-step instruction guides and much more.

New and Used Patents and Inventions Textbooks on Inventors

If you are looking for a historical perspective on engineering, you can find excellent information right here in our patents and inventions textbooks. Many of the titles here chronicle the history of inventions that changed the world. Explore the lives of famous innovators in the engineering fields like Nikola Tesla, Leonardo DaVinci, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. There are also a range of books in our collection covering the evolution of specific items like chainsaws, guns, rockets and more.

From conception to design and production, our patents and inventions textbooks on inventors contain a wealth of insight on various machines. The selection of patents and inventions textbooks we carry is diverse and updated on a regular basis. You can find a variety of resources here that are appropriate for self-study at home, college classes and research projects. Look for great prices on new and used patents and inventions textbooks on inventors today.

Step-By-Step Patents and Inventions Textbooks

Many of our popular patents and inventions textbooks include step-by-step instructions on how to transform your brilliant ideas into realities. You can find all the information that you ever wanted about the process of developing a product, securing a patent, soliciting investors, and creating a production plan. Some of these textbooks are great for self-directed learning, and they will save you time and money. Pick up a variety of cheap patents and inventions textbooks for your home library and start learning the basics of inventing.

Cheap Patents and Inventions Textbooks on Marketing and Management

Some of these patents and inventions textbooks are great for professionals who are looking to hone their marketing and management skills. You can learn the important facets of marketing that are integral to the success of a new product or idea. If you are a professional in the engineering field, there are also patents and inventions textbooks on management that are tailored to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

You will find inspiring and practical information inside our new and used patents and inventions textbooks. An investment here will definitely yield a valuable return.