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Used Economics Textbooks

Engineering and economics are interdependent, and that is why we are proud to feature a great collection of economics textbooks. Some of the most practical skills that engineers from all disciplines need to master are in the pages of these new and used economics textbooks. You can learn the basics of cost accounting to advanced cost analysis and economic analysis. Don't underestimate the unique relationship between engineering and economics; look for the bonds between them and integral skills to apply in both fields right here.

Basic New and Used Economics Textbooks

The most basic economics textbooks that we feature in our engineering department are designed to teach you the fundamentals of accounting practices, debt, profit and loss, and financing small and large-scale engineering projects. Some of the engineering-related titles here cover basic math concepts, like balancing ledgers and algorithms, and advanced financial management and accounting practices. These basic economics textbooks will position you for success in developing and managing engineering projects. Start your engineering career off on the right foot by choosing a variety of new and used economics textbooks for engineering.

Area-Specific Economics Textbooks

Economics textbooks for engineers are great resources for those who are just getting started on a new project. We feature area-specific titles to help you cope with the demands of the economy and to balance your projects with the engineering discipline of your choice. There are great resources here for space engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering and more. You can even choose titles related to telecommunications projects and bridge building. Area-specific economics textbooks also address issues like budgeting and financial management, estimating and analysis.

Cheap Economics Textbooks on Estimating

An important skill in engineering is creating effective cost estimates. The estimation process is not as easy as it looks, but there is a wealth of information about the process in these economics textbooks. We have a wide range of cheap economics textbooks on cost estimating that are well worth the investment. These books will teach you how to become adept at making realistic estimates that clients and builders will love. Economics textbooks on estimating are great tools for students and those looking to build a stronger skill set through professional development.

Everything ever needed to know about engineering, economics and the strong relationship between the two fields are here in our collection of economic textbooks. Look for special pricing on used economic textbooks and save. You can't go wrong with any of these cheap economics textbooks.