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Used Engineering Textbooks

Engineering textbooks are the critical foundation for all sub-specialties in the field of engineering. Build a strong, science-based foundation for a career in engineering with the many basic principles found in these new and used engineering textbooks. From understanding electricity to chemistry and advanced mathematics, the fundamentals of engineering are all available in our expansive collection.

Mechanical Engineering Textbooks

Mechanical engineering is among the most popular and demanded subspecialties in the engineering field. Understanding how machine works, such as the functionality of a computer chip, is a key part of what can be discovered among these engineering textbooks. Even very basic designs of paper and actual airplanes are also revealed. Build a few of these contraptions right in your own home. Go on to discover the more complex facets of design and manufacturing practices within advanced mechanical engineering textbooks.

New and Used Engineering Textbooks for Civil Design

Civil engineering impacts society greatly, with its innovators who create bridges, roads and buildings to serve functions in society. Discover the guiding principles, governing laws and safety considerations within the broad field of civil engineering. In these engineering textbooks, you can learn more about emerging trends in civil engineering that include environmental and geotechnical engineering. These are important sub-areas that will play a role in the world that is becoming ever more environmentally conscious and responsible.

Cheap Engineering Textbooks for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering is based on one of the greatest discoveries in the history of the world - electricity. In these engineering textbooks, look back at the work of electricity greats like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla to develop a strong understanding of the very basic principles that support electrical engineering. Explore modern innovations in the electrical engineering field, such as control and power systems that influence virtually every life and every functioning business in the modern world.

Cheap Chemical Engineering Textbooks for All Budgets

Chemical engineering combines the physical sciences with mathematics in order to make products that are useful to society. Experts in the field combine knowledge of science with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and they share their insight in these chemical engineering textbooks. Examine the basics, like chemistry, physics and calculus among these new and used engineering textbooks. Also look into the large-scale manufacturing processes that drive the entire field of chemical engineering.

New and used engineering textbooks cover a wide range of topics and promote the understanding and implementation of science-based practices in modern society. The engineering field is one that impacts the lives of millions of people, with new innovations and advancing technologies that emerge virtually every day. Engineering crosses all borders from science and medicine to computers and appliances for the home. Discover the history and processes in innovation that are a part of this exciting industry though our cheap engineering textbooks.