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Used Reference Textbooks

Engineering reference textbooks are important for students and professionals alike. Check out our collection of new and used reference textbooks for high-quality products and more titles than you ever imagined. We are proud to also be the premier stop for engineers looking for cheap reference textbooks.

Pocket Reference Textbooks

Pocket reference textbooks are great for students and professionals on the go. We feature a number of practical resources for engineers in our collection of pocket reference textbooks. These books can accompany you to a busy job site for guidance and direction at your fingertips. Some of the valuable reference textbooks here include dictionaries, rule and regulation guides, formulas and much more. Cheap pocket reference textbooks are an easy way to access information that is pertinent to the engineering field. Choose from a range of titles at great prices among our new and used reference textbooks that are sized just right to fit in your pocket.

Cheap Reference Textbooks on Drawing and Design

Another important part of our selection of reference textbooks is printed materials on drawing and design. Look for a wide variety of drawing and design textbooks that are tailored to meet the demands many different engineering disciplines right here. There are some excellent step-by-step tutorials and instruction manuals here that will help you transform your ideas into professional design plans. You can discover important skills in drafting, drawing and design in the pages of these reference textbooks. Some of the other popular titles here include guides and manuals to software programs that drive modern engineering today. Look for complete guides to programs like AutoCAD and Microsoft Visio. The new and used reference textbooks that we carry are intended to strengthen your skill set and take your career or academic work to new levels.

Cheap Reference Textbooks for Exam Preparation

Members and aspirants of the engineering discipline are required to obtain some certifications, and we feature a comprehensive line of reference textbooks for exam preparation to help you get the job done right. These cheap reference textbooks will help you practice for what you will face on the big testing day and equip you with stronger study and test-taking skills.

Choose a combination of titles from our diverse collection of pocket reference textbooks, drawing and design textbooks, and those for exam preparation for a well-rounded perspective on engineering. New and used reference textbooks for engineers and other science and math-related disciplines are excellent research tools, classroom aids, and additions to the home library.