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How to Compare College Textbook Prices: A Guide

college textbook prices

Every single college student has been there. During your very first semester, you probably bought every one of your textbooks immediately, straight from your university bookstore.  You didn’t know of any other options, so you just wanted to get them as quickly as possible so you’re ready for the semester. No one wants to be […]

Why Are College Textbooks for Sale So Expensive? A Closer Look

college textbooks for sale

Finding college textbooks for sale can feel like a dream come true, especially when the average book costs several hundred dollars. But on-sale textbooks can also be quite costly, which begs the question: Why? In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why college textbooks are expensive. We’ll also offer resources to […]

7 Tips for Finding the Best Math Textbooks

math textbooks

Math textbooks play a different game. If you’ve ever skipped a chapter or two ahead, only to be lost at sea in a whirlpool of confusing symbols and bizarre formulas, you’re not alone. In fact, around 50% of college students drop out of college algebra. It’s one of the most failed college courses around. The […]