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Sell Your Textbooks: 5 Strategies to Know

sell your textbooks

As the end of your quarter, semester, or even complete school year approaches, you know that you’re going to have some leftover textbooks hanging around your dorm and car. What are you supposed to do with them? Some textbooks are useful after classes are over. You may need them in the future, or want to […]

Is an Online Degree in Journalism Right for You?

online degree

Journalism is a popular major for aspiring journalists and reporters to get, with over 13,000 degrees being awarded each year. New forms of media are constantly changing the landscape of both traditional print and broadcast journalism. Blogs, social media, and interactive content are new ways for media members to get news in front of people.  […]

7 Common Textbook Buying Mistakes to Avoid for Freshmen

textbook buying mistakes

Preparing for your first semester at college is an exciting, action-packed experience. But as a result, some things fall through the cracks. For example, do you really have time to worry about the cost of textbooks? Probably not. But consider this: The average student spends $1,240 on textbooks and supplies every year. That’s $5,000 over […]

7 Common Money Mistakes to Avoid for College Students

common money mistakes

For most people, college is their first shot at freedom. But this freedom can come with hefty financial responsibility. For the first time, your parents won’t be looking over your shoulder to help you avoid common money mistakes. This can be a gift or a curse depending on how prepared you are to budget your […]

8 Study Abroad Mistakes to Avoid for College Students

study abroad mistakes

Americans, unfortunately, have a bad reputation for being ignorant of the world. If you have plans on studying abroad this semester and don’t want to feed into that stereotype, we’ve got you covered. Studying abroad is bound to be one of the best experiences of your life, but embarrassing slip-ups are bound to happen. We […]