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9 Creative Ways to Save Money on College Supplies

creative ways to save money

College is expensive, and there’s no getting around it. On top of tuition, housing, and meal plans, you have to stock up on supplies to further your education. Though you certainly could just order everything you need brand new from Amazon, that’s going to add up to be pretty pricey. If you’re looking to keep […]

6 Thrifty Tips on How to Save Money in College

how to save money in college

College is an expense on its own, but to top it off, you’re losing hours at work (if you even can work) and you’re spending loads of money on school-related items or events. You’re already spending money or taking out loans on your classes, so it’s important that you minimize all other costs while doing […]

Studying Abroad and Student Loans

Study abroad student loans

Studying abroad provides immense opportunities for learning and lifestyle experiences. A resume that reflects international travel might improve a student’s marketability with companies that offer global employment assignments. However, before accepting a full-time job or establishing a home with a massive number of recurring bills, a student could choose to finance certain educational courses with […]

What Does It Mean to “Rent a Textbook”?

Rent a Textbook

Renting a textbook means paying a nominal fee to borrow a textbook for a particular time frame. Textbook rentals are usually offered in three time frames; semester, quarter and session. At the end of the textbook rental time frame, the student prints out a shipping label and returns the textbook. Most of the time the […]

How College Students Can Build Their Credit Scores

Student Building Credit

From buying a first home and qualifying for a mortgage to financing a reliable set of wheels with a car loan, many early rites of passage require a good credit score. Unfortunately, many college students do not have the strong credit history needed to make those rites of passage a reality, and some do not […]