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6 Thrifty Tips on How to Save Money in College

how to save money in college

College is an expense on its own, but to top it off, you’re losing hours at work (if you even can work) and you’re spending loads of money on school-related items or events. You’re already spending money or taking out loans on your classes, so it’s important that you minimize all other costs while doing so. 

The cost of transportation, meals, supplies, and so many other things all add up quite quickly. If you’re not careful about how you spend your extra money while in college, you could end up in a state of shock once you see your final financial state. Don’t become trapped in the common financial struggle of a college student.

Learn how to save money in college and flourish while doing so. Are you ready to put your college finance troubles in the past? Continue reading below for 6 thrifty tips on how to do just that!

1. Cook and Snack at Home

Right off the bat, we’re going to get straight to it. Stop eating out! Start cooking and snacking at home. 

A simple trip to the grocery store could save you graciously. Although it might be tempting to hit a button on your phone and have food delivered right to your doorstep, service fees and delivery fees add up quickly. It’s easy to spend about 10 dollars more on a meal than you normally would just to have some fancy app deliver it to you.

Stop getting caught up in this scam. As a college student, you’re putting yourself under large amounts of stress each day. Because of this, it’s important to keep your body healthy. 

One of the best ways to do this is to feed your body nutritious meals. Unfortunately, you can’t find many of those at local restaurants, but this is fine! Start eating at home and have full control over your diet and spending. 

Don’t forget to pick up a couple of healthy snacks as well to munch on throughout the day and bring with you to class.

2. Use Your Student ID

Okay, so what is your student ID actually used for? How often do you find yourself pulling out your student ID to presume an activity? If you’re not printing at the library each day or making time to visit the gym, then are you even using this small piece of plastic?

If you don’t, it’s time that you do. For days or evenings when you just don’t have the time to cook yourself a meal, head to a campus dining hall. Here, you can use your student ID to get in and enjoy a meal even if you don’t have a dining plan. 

The prices are fairly cheap at a college’s dining hall and you can eat all you want. However, this isn’t the only place that your student ID is beneficial. Take this ID with you everywhere, and we mean everywhere! 

College students get discounts on just about anything you can think of. No matter where you go and what you’re purchasing, stop and ask the business if they give student discounts. Movie theatres, banks, malls, and many other businesses will surprise you!

3. Purchase Supplies Off-Campus

We know how tempting it is to just get all of your school supplies together at one time while on campus. However, this is not an ideal way to purchase supplies. The best way to save money on these items is to purchase them off-campus. 

Check local office supply stores or other stores where school supplies are sold for sales and deals. Try to purchase as much as you can during the tax-free weekend, or make your purchases little by little during the months before a new semester begins. You’ll also want to consider purchasing your textbooks from other students or a used book store. 

Many colleges have these stores nearby and all you need to provide is your course number for the store to look up what book you need. You can also rent textbooks for an even cheaper price. If you don’t believe that you’ll need your textbook after the class is finished, then rent it and save!

4. Split Cost of Living with Roommates

If you’re a single individual and don’t have children or a spouse in your household, then you should split your living cost with a roommate or two. Many colleges offer student living options. Student living apartments are separated into 4 sections in most settings. 

There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and the one common living space and kitchen. You’ll have the privacy of your own bathroom and bedroom, but you’ll be paying much less than you would if you decided to live in a regular apartment near campus. If you don’t mind having a few roommates, then this is a great option for you!

5. Get Thrifty with Your Clothes

If you don’t already shop at thrift stores, then it’s about time you do! You never know what you’re going to find when you walk into a thrift store. You even run the chance of finding clothing items that are still brand new with tags on them!

Thrift store shopping is a great way to find vintage or new clothes all in one spot for a great price. You should also consider stopping in consignment clothing stores where you can bring your old clothes you no longer wear, get money for them, and then use that money to purchase other clothing items at a discounted price.

6. Fill Out FAFSA and Open a Student Account

The last item on our savings list is to remember to always fill out your FAFSA and open up a student account with your bank. Even if you don’t believe that you’ll qualify for funding like grants, always take the time to fill it out because you never know what you’ll be awarded. Also, don’t hesitate to apply for scholarships, which is a great way to get some help paying for classes.

And at the end of the day, be sure that you’re using a student account with your bank. Many banks won’t tell you that they offer these accounts unless you ask about them, and they can really help you save. For instance, student banking accounts generally come with no fees or minimum amount that must be kept in the account at all times.

The best part about these accounts is that many banks offer nice incentives for graduating. Ask your bank today about what types of student accounts they offer!

Learn How to Save Money in College and Flourish! 

We hope that you’ve learned a lot from these 6 thrifty tips on how to save money in college. With all of this information, you’ll be flourishing while getting your degree in no time!

And when you’re ready to get your textbooks, be sure to rent them here and save big!

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