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5 Benefits of Buying Used Textbooks for College

buying used textbooks

Are you looking to purchase textbooks for your college courses, but unsure of where to start looking? Many students make the mistake of buying them new, which leads to spending way more money than they have to on their books. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to buy those same textbooks used, thus saving you a lot […]

7 Ways to Find Used Textbooks for Gen-Ed Courses

used textbooks

It’s no secret that college is ridiculously expensive.  Between tuition, room and board, and other various expenses, it can all add up. Textbooks are one of the most essential items students need, as they are the foundation of their learning.  Textbooks are also one of the largest costs for a student. College Board estimates that […]

A Major Investment: Which Major Has the Most Expensive Textbooks?

most expensive textbooks

It’s a new semester. You’re milling around your campus bookstore, your tired eyes are scanning over the price tags, and you’re wondering what could possibly make your required textbooks cost so much money. If you’re a college student, you’re liable to pay nearly $1,000 a year on course materials, supplies, and technology required for your classes.  There are many […]

Can I Sell Damaged Textbooks? How Much Can I Get Away With?

sell damaged textbooks

It’s no secret that college is expensive. The average cost for one year of college education ranges from $26,590 for in-state students to $53,980 for students attending private schools.  Over $1,000 of that cost goes to textbooks, and for some students, that’s way out of budget.  Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on those […]

What Does OER Mean? What Does It Have to Do with Textbooks?

what does oer mean

After getting your financial aid package and college loans for tuition, you still have to pay for textbooks and digital materials. These additional costs can be a challenge for most students. In fact, textbook costs are a barrier to student success and even increase dropout rates.  Did you know that open educational resources can lighten your […]

Saving $$: Do Editions of Textbooks Matter?

do editions of textbooks matter

“There’s a new edition of the book for my spring media studies class out. It costs almost $150! The 2017 version only costs $12!! How much do editions of textbooks matter? There’s a lot I could do with the $138 I’d save.” You’re probably feeling cheated–by your college, the instructor, the book publisher, and a […]

College Success Hint: How to Take Notes from a Textbook

how to take notes from a textbook

You’re ready to crack open that brand new textbook. But are you prepared to actually read for understanding?  Learning how to take notes from a textbook helps you pick out the key information. Effective notetaking can improve learning and help you commit the information to memory. It not only helps you score better on your […]