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How to Choose the Right College Textbook Store for You: A Guide

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Are you worried about how much your college textbooks are going to cost you next semester? Do you fear that the cost of books will set you back at the beginning of the school year? If so, then you need to start by learning all about how to choose the right college textbook store.

This has a direct effect on whether or not you find cost-efficient prices for your college textbooks. It’s important to find the best option for where to purchase those books.

See below for an in-depth guide on the qualities and factors you should look for in a college textbook store. 

1. Multiple Options for Textbooks

If you go to a college textbook store that only sells new textbooks, then you’re dooming your college budget from the start. These books can cost over $100 per book if you aren’t careful.

You want to make sure that the college textbook store you buy from has three essential options for you during your college career:

  1. Buy Textbooks
  2. Rent Textbooks
  3. Sell Textbooks

Both buying and renting your textbooks have their pros and cons. For example, renting textbooks can give you lower the cost of the book for the semester, but you have to pick it up and return it within a certain window of time.

Meanwhile, buying a book will cost more upfront, but you can keep the textbook long after you’ve aced the class and can purchase it ahead of time to prepare for next semester’s courses. 

If you go the purchasing route, then it’s important you also have the opportunity to sell those books and get a bit of money towards next semester’s books. 

Here at Cheapest Textbooks, we give you all three options. Through our online shop, you can save as much as 95-percent off of buying textbooks, save up to 70-percent on textbooks that you rent, and sell your old textbooks easily for some much-needed cash.

2. Accessibility

Will the college textbook store be there for you when you need it most? Do you have the ability to access it and use its services from wherever you are? 

Most college kids automatically assume that their college’s bookstore is the best option for buying/renting their books. That couldn’t be further from the truth and will cause you to spend hundreds (if not thousands) more dollars throughout your college career.

College bookstores tend to be inflexible when it comes to helping students with textbooks. Even if they have a website that shows their textbook inventory, they’ll either require you to pick it up in-store or charge you an arm and a leg to have it shipped to you.

When you use, you can buy, rent, or sell college textbooks from wherever you are. You’ll have access to thousands of sellers to find the best combination of quality and price. 

Once you find the perfect textbook(s) for your needs, we’ll help you save even more money by looking for free shipping offers and coupons that you can take advantage of. 

3. Student-Friendly Prices

College is expensive, it’s no secret. Statistics show that the average student loan debt for college graduates tends to hover around $30,000. That’s not including the thousands of dollars they’ve already paid off by the time they walk at graduation.

Fortunately, you can put yourself ahead of the curve by saving money wherever you can as a student. Textbooks are a huge piece of that equation, so you want to find options that will help you save a lot of money.

As we mentioned previously, our services allow you access to thousands of sellers and has been known to help students:

  • Save up to 95-percent off when you buy used textbooks
  • Save up to 70-percent off when you choose to rent textbooks
  • Sell your textbooks for extra cash towards next semester’s books

Saving that much off of your textbooks each semester will help you keep a stable student budget while you work towards your degree.

4. Opportunities for Free Shipping

We mentioned this once in this article, but it bears worth repeating: can help you find opportunities for free shipping and coupons. 

We have our team search through thousands of online sellers to see who is willing to offer free shipping or discounts on their books. We help you pinpoint the best seller for your needs, then find the books you need for your upcoming semester.

Imagine avoiding shipping for all the books you need each semester. That alone is well over $100 in savings!

5. Easy Search Features

You shouldn’t have to spend hours scouring the internet to find the best deals on college textbooks. Let us do that for you!

Regardless of whether you decide to buy, rent, or sell your textbooks, we have a search bar feature that can streamline the process. You can find any textbook quickly by typing in its ISBN, title, author, or keyword.

Using that feature, you can look through the thousands of sellers we have access to and see which ones are offering the best deals on the textbooks that you’re looking for. It will take a matter of minutes!

Find the Best College Textbook Store for Your Needs

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the features you should look for in a college textbook store, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Take the time to read this article for more information on digital textbooks vs traditional textbooks and which one is better for you. To get started, simply search for your first textbook using our site’s search bar feature.

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