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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to Grad School

grad school

Are you planning on applying to grad school in the near future? Are you having trouble with the application process? Well, there’s great news for you. We know applying to graduate school can be difficult. There are tons of different aspects to consider! But, if you’re careful, you should be able to avoid many of […]

7 Benefits of Studying Abroad for College Students

studying abroad

How many times have you heard that studying abroad is a life-changing experience? It may seem like a cliche, but that’s because there is so much truth into it. Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to live in a foreign country and take in the allure of their culture. You get to travel, meet new […]

8 Tips for Hosting a College Dorm Party for Beginners

college dorm party

Did you know that the average college student salary is around $1,200 a month? That means a student only earns $300 a week. With all of the new bills and responsibilities that come with adulthood, this can be a stressful time. Many students have to work their way through college. Trying to get your degree […]

7 Factors to Consider Before Changing College Majors

changing college majors

You might be feeling the weight having to choose a college major on your shoulders. A lot of students feel like they’ll box themselves in but this isn’t the case. Actually, it is estimated that 70% of American college students change their majors at least once.  High school seniors are usually unsure about what they […]

7 Tips for Taking Online Classes for Beginners

online classes

For some people, the classroom isn’t exactly the best way to obtain an education. That’s why 25.8% of students choose to take at least one online class. There are many benefits to taking online classes versus classes that are offered on campus. If you’re uncertain of the benefits, there is no need to worry because […]

7 Common Studying Mistakes to Avoid for College Students

common studying mistakes

Did you know that 60% of the students who enroll as full-time undergraduates at 4-year universities end up taking an additional two years to graduate? This means that only 40% of incoming freshmen end up graduating on time. College is a completely different jungle and as much as you prepare in high school, it can be […]