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Understanding What It Would Cost You to Change Your College Major

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Gone are the days where you must know your career path before starting college. 80% of US college students show that changing your college major is becoming more common as well as more frequent—up to three times more, in fact!

College has gone from the expected career-starting place to one of exploration. While having options can be overwhelming, changing majors is part of the self-discovery process.

There’s always time to change your mind, but finances remain one of the biggest hurdles for students when it comes to switching majors. 

If you’re stuck in class wondering, Does it cost money to change your major in college? or, How much will I lose? here’s what you need to know.

Changing Majors in College

College is an emotional rollercoaster on a good day. Now you’re preoccupied with switching majors and it’s distracting your studies, your mind, and your heart.

In a place meant for finding your focus, it’s easy to forget that feeling unfocused is completely normal. No matter how far into college you are, your journey is valid. You had to learn your current major’s not right for you to discover which one is.

This is good news! Better to find out now than halfway through your professional life, right?

Change of Course

First thing’s first. Check-in with your academic advisor to get support through this transition. Different universities have varying policies around how to switch majors depending on your acquired credits.

Second, if you’re worried about financial losses, breathe. Stress makes changing majors seem catastrophic and it’s not. Your advisor can also give you peace of mind with options.

What remainscatastrophic is the price of college textbooks. An annual fee for books can average $1,168, with some books running for $300. But staying in your classes to justify the price of your bought textbooks is not the point of college.

Changing majors is a good chance to learn how to best manage your books for your upcoming classes. Here’s how.

Should I Switch Majors?

Wondering if you should switch college majors is your intuition saying YES! When it comes to weighing the cost of changing majors or not, it’s a no brainer—doing what makes you happy outweighs everything.

The good news is you’re already enrolled in the school. Tuition’s required whether you’re pursuing art or law. The main consideration is what to do with your books.

Whether you’re transitioning to or from a book-heavy course load, makes it easy to feel good about your decision.

What to Do With Old Books

It’s mid-semester and you haven’t even opened half your books’ packaging. The book store won’t take them. Now what?

Selling your books back is easy with We’ll compare prices with thousands of textbook sellers to get you the highest price. Barely used and untouched books are a shoo-in for satisfying cashback.

Selling back your books is a clean way to say goodbye to your old major and welcome in the new, all-the-while saving yourself some dough. If you’ve dreaded spending over $500 a semester on books, getting money back makes it easier to change majors with a clean conscience.

What to Do With New Books

Getting books for your new major is the best time to mentally pivot. Now’s the time to embrace your studies and get excited about your new focus. Going forward, you can reassess how to manage your book buying.

Maybe the college bookstore’s not right for you. If you got burned by missing buy-back dates or not getting substantial cashback, has you covered.

You can save up to 95% when you buy and sell books this way. You can also choose classes you like going forward over which syllabus has the lightest book load.

Once you’re in the full swing of classes, renting books is an option for short-term projects or one-time uses. Familiarizing yourself with your course requirements and syllabi can best prep you for how to use your books going forward.

The process might make you wonder why you didn’t switch majors before!

The Right College Major

College poses the classic struggle between the heart and the head. Expectations run rampant around what we think we should bedoing. Changing majors is a deeply personal decision and it’s revolutionary for your growth.

The process to switch majors helps one reclaim their ideal college experience. 

It’s true that the following fields are the most costly when it comes to study materials.

  1. Economics
  2. Languages
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Psychology

Regardless of whether you’re running to or away from one of these fields, getting books the right way makes way for an empowered decision.

Books are integral to the college experience, but shelling out nonrefundable cash for temporary materials is the ultimate burden. Strategizing how to best use your study materials creates freedom around all fields of study.

The World Is Your Oyster

College is a home for hope, promise, aspirations, inspirations, and ambition. It’s not meant to trap you into the wrong career path. Even baseball allows for three strikes before you’re out; college doesn’t mean having to know your major right off the bat.

Finding the right college major takes some soul searching, so coming to realize you need a change means you’re right where you need to be.

For this reason, some colleges offer undecided or exploratory programs dedicated to self-discovery. No matter how you landed in your exploratory phase, consider it a valuable gift. You’re right on track.

Start your textbook search today to get prepped for your new career path!

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