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A Guide to Reselling Your Old Textbooks at the Best Prices

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When it comes to going to college, the textbooks you use are a massive investment. These books usually don’t come cheap, and you’ll need a few of them to keep up with your studies.

But what happens when you graduate? What about those books you really didn’t get on with? Or, what if you simply want all those textbooks out of your sight after the hardcore revision period?

Luckily for you, there’s a flourishing market in the form of used textbooks. It can guarantee you both extra cash for your old textbooks and a fairly simple process overall.

But you need to know how and where to look to reap the richest rewards of your old textbooks. That’s why we’ve written this guide to let you know what you need to think about. 

Follow this guide, and you’ll find the process of selling textbooks a whole lot easier.

Old Textbooks: Do Your Research!

We know, we know; you’ve already finished your studies, you don’t want to do more research!

But we promise you that to get the most out of your old textbooks you have to research what they’re worth first. Take a look around the internet for how much these textbooks are worth new.

You should also look at how in-demand they are. Some of your textbooks may have been essential to an entire degree, whereas others may be on very niche topics. Some degrees also have more expensive books overall than others.

Some might even be rated as some of the best books for all college students. If you don’t know at least the basics of the textbook you’ve got, there’s no way you’ll be able to price and sell it appropriately.

Some quality websites will give you the opportunity to compare prices on textbooks, which can make this process much easier. 

Assess The Wear and Tear

As well as researching them on the market, you need to assess what quality your textbooks are in now.

We’ve all been there; you’re doing an all-night study session and have made yourself a fresh coffee. But you place your mug down on your textbook in your sleepy daze and have left a whopping stain on the pages.

This is normal, but it must be taken into account when trying to sell your old textbooks. Simply put, the better quality your books have maintained, the more they will be worth it when reselling.

If you know that you’ll probably be selling your textbooks, you should take measures to keep them in the best quality before coming to sell them. Though it might help you when it comes to revising, you shouldn’t highlight or make excessive notes in a textbook if you’re going to sell it later. There are many tips you can follow online for keeping your paperback or hardback books safe.

Used books are usually sold based on the following degrees of wear and tear:

  • New – your books almost definitely won’t be new (unless you never used them!), so discredit this entirely.
  • Like New – these are the books that look new even though they aren’t. This is usually the best quality to aim for in your old books. Your books can’t have any signs of wear and tear at all if you’re looking to advertise them like new.
  • Very Good – these are books that have some slight marks or tears, but nothing that takes away majorly from the overall quality of the book.
  • Good – these are books that are have one or two significant examples of wear and tear, but not in a way that impedes the writing inside.
  • Average – this is usually the lowest rating and concerns books that have fairly significant wear and tear.

You should make sure that your textbooks are still legible, meaning they can still be read. This is essential to selling them on; nobody is going to buy a book that isn’t readable.

Learn How To Sell

So, you’ve researched how much your books are worth, and you’ve assessed their quality. Now, the only thing you need to do is learn how to actually sell them online.

More often than not you’ll need to note the ISBN number of your book. The ISBN number is a 13 digit number that all your textbooks should have. They are used for purchasers and booksellers to identify specific books.

The ISBN number takes into account the usual things such as author and book title. But it also crucially refers to the specific edition or format of the book. The reality of certain professions, such as computer science, means that textbooks need to be readily updated.

This is another thing to bear in mind when selling your old textbooks. When checking your ISBN number you should try and make sure you sell your textbook whilst it is the latest edition. Once a new edition is released, it’ll significantly impact the worth of your textbook.

When selling your old textbook you must also bear in mind the type of payment you’ll receive for it. Certain websites or sellers will offer you a higher price if you’re prepared to take store credit. This can be perfect for those who are continuing their studies, as you can sell your old textbooks to buy new editions.

Where Should I Go To Sell My Old Textbooks?

Why you’re already in the right place! At you can search your ISBN number in our system to find everywhere where you can sell your old textbook.

You can use our thorough selling comparison system to ensure that you receive what your book is worth from the right buyer. We also ensure to factor in shipping costs in all of our price comparison searches. Not only that, but we acknowledge what buyback payment option you’ll get for your old textbook.

If you’re looking to sell your old textbook online, the best thing o do is to find your ISBN and use our ‘sell your textbook’ search engine right now.

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