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Preparation 101: How to Make the Most out of Studying in the Library

Studying for college tests and exams can be an overwhelming task for college students. In most cases, when there’s one test to study for, there are most likely others to study for as well. This is normally due to exam weeks or several professors being on the same schedule of giving out tests. 

When this happens, it’s cram time. You’ll need to find a place to study that suits you best. Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer for the best place to study. 

Studying in the library is one of the more popular choices, but everyone is different and studies best in different environments. If you’ve tried your home or dorm room and that’s not working, then it might be time to try studying in the library. 

College libraries provide a bit more studying diversity than normal libraries do. With that being said, here are a few tips on how to make studying in the library productive! 

Take a Tour

If you’ve never been inside your college’s library, or have only been a few times, then it’s best to schedule for a library tour. College campuses normally offer library tours each semester. Ask your college’s library when you can sign up for your own tour.

There are many different sections in the library that you most likely don’t even know about. If your college has a large library with several floors, then understand that each floor offers a different type of study and environment for the students. For example, some floors are quiet floors while others are not.

And some floors are dedicated to a writing lab and so on.  

Know Your Library’s Resources 

Your college library has a lot more resources than you know. This is why getting a tour is essential. For example, did you know that many college libraries have a special collections section

This could really come into use depending on which classes you’re taking. There are also writing labs where you can get free help writing papers. Another great tool to have an understanding of is the library’s website. 

If you’re not sure how to use the database, be sure to have a library technician show you.

Choosing to Study Alone

Choosing to study alone is a lot different than choosing to study in a group. Some people learn better in a group session while others learn the best solo. However, this could also depend on what it is you’re studying. 

Here’s what you need to know about studying alone. 

Find the Quiet Floor

When studying alone in the library, be sure to find the quiet floor. College libraries are not like normal libraries where the entire building is quiet at all times. There’s a lot going on in college libraries and if you need a quiet space to study, you’ll need to locate the quiet floor. 

Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting next to a group of students chit-chatting loudly. 

Sit at a Small Table or Study Desk

Once you find the quiet floor, be sure to sit at a small table or study desk. Finding a small desk to study at prevents other students from sitting down next to you, which may cause a distraction. Just be sure to give yourself enough room for all of your studying materials and supplies.

Reserve a Study Room

Sometimes it’s hard to find a free small table to work at. And if you have a lot of study materials with you such as a laptop, textbooks, notebooks, and more, then you might need more space. If this is the case, then consider reserving an individual study room. 

Speak with your library about how to set it up. 

Choosing to Study in a Group

Choosing to study in a group setting is a wonderful idea if this is how you study and learn best. This is also a great option for working on projects. Here’s what you need to know about studying in a group setting at the library. 

Only Bring Study Material

When choosing to study with other students, be sure to only bring your study material with you. Bringing any other items could be a cause for distraction. If you feel like you still need to bring your laptop or headphones with you, only take these items out when the group goes on break. 

Otherwise, stick to your textbooks and notes

Find a Noise-Allowed Floor

Studying with other students is different than studying alone as you’ll need to talk with one another. Because of this, find a noise-allowed floor. There are plenty of different floors in college libraries that allow for noise and talking. 

Trying to work on a quiet floor with other study group members will only distract those trying to work individually in silence. 

Sit at a Large Table or Reserve a Large Study Room

Because you have multiple people studying with you, try your best to find a large table. This will give everyone enough room to spread out all of their own study materials. If finding an open table is too difficult, speak with the library technician about reserving a large study room.

Here, you’ll have an entire room for the group to use without other distractions around. 

Make Studying in the Library a Productive Event!

Studying in the library on a college campus is a great option. Because college libraries have so many different floors to appease everyone’s needs, you’re sure to find a study location that works best for you.

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