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A Quandary Over Textbooks: Is Renting Better Than Buying?

renting better than buying

College in America isn’t cheap. But while scholarships are available to assist students, there’s an extra added expense of textbooks that burns a hole in students’ wallets. According to CBS News, the cost of college textbooks has increased four times faster than the rate of inflation. The average college student spends $1,200 on college textbooks […]

7 Smart Tricks to Save Big Bucks With Half-Priced Textbooks

half-priced textbooks

Tuition, student loans, keeping your fridge stocked—student life is expensive. That’s especially true when you only have part-time availability to earn the money you need to pay for these expenses. Fortunately, we have a way you can save money on your schooling: half-priced textbooks. Yes, there are several ways you can save half or more […]

Discount Textbooks for Literature Classes: What Are the Benefits?

discount textbooks

Did you know new college textbooks can cost you more than $1,200 a year? That’s many months’ rent and an additional $4,800 to put on your student debt tab come graduation. Not ideal which is why discount textbooks are the answer. Prices are on the rise and they’re leaving students unprepared for their classes. Worse, not having class books leads […]