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United States

Used United States Textbooks

Our United States textbooks are diverse and insightful. You will find a myriad of resources in our collection regarding the American experience, a variety of different wars involving the United States, and biographical information on great American leaders and patriots.

New and Used United States Textbooks on the American Experience

Life in the United States is complex and ever-changing. Take a look at seasons past by exploring our United States textbooks on the American experience. We have a variety of titles on topics like conquering the last frontiers in America, the California Gold Rush, the Great Depression, the 1960s, and many more. These books contain practical information on what life was like throughout these historic events in history. There are memoirs, analyses, social commentary, and collections of stunning photographs that present a well-rounded perspective on the American experience. United States textbooks contain a plethora of resources for history enthusiasts and students.

Cheap United States Textbooks on Wars

The United States has engaged in a great many number of wars throughout history. You can find everything you ever wanted to know about military secrets, wars and the impact of war on American society with these United States textbooks on wars. From the American Revolution to the Gulf War and the War on Terrorism, we feature a range of exciting titles that will broaden your understanding of American history and war. Look for new and used United States textbooks on war that feature commentary and unique perspectives from members of the armed forces and their families. Our cheap United States textbooks on war are excellent resources for classrooms and personal libraries.

Biographical United States Textbooks

We have all of the best biographies and autobiographies about influential people throughout United States history right here. Our biographical United States textbooks include profiles on people like Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. For a more modern take on history, look for United States textbooks on recent presidents like Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. There are even a range of biographical United States textbooks here on influential women from American history, like Dolly Madison, Hilary Clinton and Barbara Jordan. These new and used United States textbooks are perfect for leisure reading, research projects and university classes. Look for interesting information on all the most influential, controversial and inspiring people right here.

We feature the most popular titles in our collection of cheap United States textbooks. Shop here and begin building a strong foundation in American history.