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Used History Textbooks

History textbooks hold the story of time and progress, filled with so many lessons. New and used history textbooks paint vivid pictures of the events that shape our world today, teaching valuable truths that are applicable in modern society.

From War to World History Textbooks

World history is unique in its examination of past events from a global perspective. It compares and contrasts cultures from all over the world and attempts to identify common trends and themes among them. World history textbooks are comprehensive and contain detailed accounts of a variety of cultures. The accounts are juxtaposed against similar and contrasting cultures in order to determine certain patterns and deviations. Through the study of world history textbooks, one can build an excellent set of analytical and critical thinking skills.

War seems to pervade all cultures. From the beginning of time, stories of conflict and bloodshed have been integral parts of history, and these events are highlighted through history textbooks. The history of war also includes military history that is a depiction of certain economic factors and social beliefs when examined from a multicultural perspective. Some of the most engaging of new and used history textbooks include those on World War I, World War II, and ancient accounts of the Peloponnesian War, the Trojan War and many of the Roman Wars. The history of war is an excellent tool for analyzing culture and understanding how the modern world came to be.

New and Used History Textbooks on Religion

Like war, religion is pervasive among all cultures, and the history of religion reveals underlying beliefs and value systems that are complex. Through our collection of new and used history textbooks, you can explore the foundations of religious beliefs and how they are transferred from one group to another provides deep insight into human nature. Religious history textbooks include Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism, and a host of other religions from many countries across the globe.

Cheap History Textbooks on America

U.S. history textbooks are a diverse and subjective collection of accounts. It is interesting to compare the accounts of different experts on the formation of the United States, its government and social structures. Hundreds of history textbooks approach the United States from the collections of wars and revolutions that took place. The study of U.S. history is broad and can reveal many underlying influences that made America one of the strongest countries in the world.

The study of war, religion and the world from a global perspective is an eye-opening and revealing endeavor. History textbooks are not only study guides. They also act as preservers of memories, events and actions. Those historical events are powerful influences today and will continue to have an effect on tomorrow.