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Ancient Civilizations

Used Ancient Civilizations Textbooks

Ancient history holds many clues as to why society exists today, and that we have put together this collection of ancient textbooks to help unlock the many mysteries of the world. With these ancient textbooks, you can gather an understanding about the history of war, ancient technology and even modern technology.

Military Ancient Textbooks

One of the oldest practices in the world is war, and we have a diverse collection of ancient textbooks that cover the many facets of this practice through time. You can explore the evolution of weaponry and military strategy on different continents. There are also detailed accounts of renowned fighting groups, like the Roman Army and Spanish Conquistadors. From these military ancient textbooks, you will discover some similarities and differences between the techniques and practices in different countries. Choose from a great selection of new and used ancient textbooks on the elements of military and war.

Cheap Ancient Textbooks on Technology

Technology as we know it today did not spring forth spontaneously. It is the result of many years' worth of change and innovation. Discover how ancient people invented structures to simplify life that would help us achieve the things we have in modern society today. Examine things like irrigation systems, clocks, writing instruments, tools, places of worship and burial structures. Many modern day entities are based on the foundations set forth by ancient people. The full-color pages in these ancient textbooks on technology are an excellent way to gain some objective insight on both the ancient and modern worlds.

New and Used Ancient Textbooks in the Classics

Some of the most important literary works of all time are among these classic ancient textbooks. These are perfect for leisure reading, classroom assignments and research projects. You will find works of fiction and nonfiction by authors such as Marcus Aurelius, Augustine and Herodotus. These authors are known for their unique perspectives, knowledge and insight. You can discover their philosophies amongst these new and used ancient textbooks. Find a variety of different classic works by famous authors from around the world in our collection of cheap textbooks.

The new and used ancient textbooks here are filled with exciting stories about the people who lived long ago. Those people and their accomplishments must not be forgotten. You can start exploring the past by purchasing some cheap ancient textbooks in the present.