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Used Africa Textbooks

Studying Africa textbooks is a great way to learn about a land rich in culture and history. Our collection of cheap Africa textbooks is perfect for students, travel enthusiasts, history buffs and teachers. We have memoirs, as well as detailed Africa textbooks on healthcare and the history of the continent.

Memoirs of Africa Textbooks

Many great authors, biographers and autobiographers have compiled stories of Africa. In our collection of Africa textbooks, there are many excellent memoirs and true stories waiting to be read. You will find fascinating accounts of people like Nelson Mandela and the Lost Boys of Sudan. These memoirs of Africa textbooks are not only educational and full of valuable information; they are also moving and entertaining at the same time. Discover a variety of different perspectives on culture, war, conflict and economic struggle when you explore these cheap Africa textbooks.

New and Used Africa Textbooks on Healthcare

Africa is a place that has a fragile healthcare system and we feature a variety of textbooks on health-related topics. Whether you are interested in endemic diseases like HIV, AIDS, or malaria, these Africa textbooks on healthcare provide an in-depth look at the many problems plaguing the continent. You will find shocking statistics as well as stories of hope about individuals who have dedicated their lives to healing the sick in these new and used Africa textbooks. These textbooks are excellent for aspiring healthcare professionals, history buffs and those looking to gain a more well-rounded perspective of the world.

Cheap Africa Textbooks on History

Africa has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. We have a great selection of textbooks on the history of Africa that will take you on a journey through ancient lands. Many of the Africa textbooks here on history are centered on the cradle of civilization - Egypt. Take a closer look at the many structures and ancient tales of some of the first people believed to establish formal civilization and the influences of their culture that remains present in the world today. In addition to many exciting Africa textbooks on Egypt, we also feature a variety of history books on the colonization of Africa, the battles for land and resources, and the many different tribes that live there.

All of the Africa textbooks here are competitively priced so that you can take in a variety of titles to help you with your studies. Check out all of our new and used Africa textbooks and save.