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Used Military Textbooks

This collection of military textbooks contains exciting biographies, memoirs, technical books on guns, and so much more. These resources are appropriate for those who are studying military science, history enthusiasts, researchers, teachers and history students. Discover a wealth of practical information about the art of war in the pages of these new and used military textbooks.

Personal Military Textbooks

Explore the more delicate side of war by looking at personal military textbooks like memoirs, biographies and short stories describing the human experience with war. We have a collection of military textbooks written by soldiers, families, and even people who experienced war when they were children that will transform the way that you think about conflict and the military. Some of the most popular personal military textbooks here include stories from children who served as soldiers in Africa and the Middle East, women who supported their families while their husbands fought, and widows who lost their husbands as a result of war. These cheap military textbooks are packed with personal insight and moving stories that present war in a totally new light.

New and Used Military Textbooks on Equipment

The artillery and other machinery used in war have a rich history that is very unique. That is why we feature a wide range of military textbooks on equipment. Our new and used military textbooks on equipment feature pictures and technical data on topics like guns, tanks, planes and bombs. By studying the development of military equipment, you can gain an in-depth understanding about how war has changed and the cultural and social factors that influence it. Choose from a wide range of cheap military textbooks on equipment to create a personal library of resources on artillery and other machinery.

Cheap Military Textbooks on Wars

If you want to truly understand the history of the world, then it is important to study the many wars that have taken place all over the globe. We have a variety of military textbooks on wars on every continent. From the ancient Romans and Spartans to nuclear warfare and modern conflicts in the Middle East, we have a title that analyzes every major conflict. These military textbooks are packed with detailed information on the people who fought wars, the reasons behind the fighting, and the effects of war on economies and societies.

Military textbooks are important tools for understanding history. The prices on these cheap military textbooks cannot be beat, allowing you stock up your library.