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Middle East

Used Middle East Textbooks

Middle East textbooks are a great way to learn about the industries, religions, cultures and wars that took place in this part of the world. We feature a great selection of new and used Middle East textbooks that provide exciting details, historical perspectives and fun facts about this region.

New and Used Middle East textbooks on Oil

If you are curious about the ever-growing oil industry, then you need to start shopping for printed resources on the subject in our collection. Our collection of Middle East textbooks contains detailed materials on the oil industry. There are historical accounts that reveal the early practices and discovery of oil in this region of the world and titles that analyze the impact of the oil industry from a global perspective. Studying new and used Middle East textbooks on oil is a great way to prepare to enter the industry or just for understanding why this part of the world is so powerful and controversial at the same time. Find a variety of cheap Middle East textbooks on oil right here.

Cheap Middle East Textbooks on Religion and Culture

The Middle East has many rich traditions and a wide variety of different religions. Our Middle East textbooks on religion and culture are designed to demystify some of the practices, art, music and traditions. You can discover interesting and exciting facts about countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Israel in the pages of these new and used Middle East textbooks on religion and culture. The Middle East is a place that features a variety of different religious beliefs. Here you will find some practical resources on Judaism, Christianity, as well as the Muslim faith. Many of these Middle East textbooks on religion are great for performing research for school or personal studies.

Middle East Textbooks on War

Many complex conflicts have taken place in the Middle East, and we have put together a collection of textbooks on war to help you understand the underlying factors that contributed to them. Middle East textbooks on war contain pictures, statistics, firsthand accounts and social and political commentary. These are important tools that will contribute to your understanding of the history of war in the Middle East. Choose from a variety of cheap Middle East textbooks on war that will transform you into a more open-minded and insightful person.

Explore the intricacies of one of the birthplaces of civilization in the pages of our Middle East textbooks.