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Used Fashion Textbooks

Fashion textbooks showcase an ever-changing industry with a rich history. For those who need the very best in fashion tips and style suggestions, full color pictures with timeless style advice are available within our comprehensive collection of fashion textbooks. Fashion photography is an art in itself, and you can discover the very best lighting and color techniques in the pages of these books. Begin your exploration of the fashion industry, fashion photography and the best in clothing trends through our used fashion textbooks.

Exploring the history of style through fashion textbooks

In our used fashion textbooks, take a look back over the course of time and see how fashion and style have evolved from decade to decade. Some of the most comprehensive guides to style here include striking fashion photography collections, fashion textbooks on specific pieces of clothing like shoes and hats, and even do-it-yourself guides to building a great wardrobe. Men and women will find the best tips for keeping clothes up to date and in style.

Staying ahead of trends through cheap fashion textbooks

A tremendous part of fashion includes accessories, hair and makeup. The very best tips and techniques for great hair, great makeup and accessories that really dazzle are among these fashion textbooks. There are complete style guides for men, women and children from all walks of life. Find fashion photography tips for capturing the essence of great accessories like jewelry and handbags in our fashion textbooks collection too.

For the hands-on enthusiast, there are sewing guides, knitting books and even unique instructional manuals on how to transform t-shirts and other common items into fashion statements. You can study the specific sewing and design techniques used by professionals in the industry and find kits that will help you create stylish products that you can wear right in your home.

Fashion photography encompasses the very best of several crafts. Explore how fashion has played an important role in the art world from a historical perspective among these used fashion textbooks. Learn how to use different camera angles, lighting, backdrops and most importantly, how to highlight a model's features to get the very best images in fashion photography.

Stay in style with the very latest editions of fashion textbooks. These cheap fashion textbooks are great for amateurs and professionals. They are perfect additions to your home library, coffee table, or teaching and study guides. Fashion trends change with every season, and you can find tremendous insight from fashion textbooks you need for success in the fashion industry in our expansive collection.