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Used Sculpture Textbooks

Sculpture textbooks open a new world into art that extends beyond the walls. Sculpture is a dynamic field that combines the use of many elements, like rock, metal, glass, wood and clay. These elements add a brand new dimension to the world of art. If you like three dimensional arts, then these sculpture textbooks are for you. There is a plethora of techniques in our sculpture textbooks collection, as well as comprehensive guides to the history of sculpture by great artists.

New and Used Sculpture Textbooks on Technique

The definition of a sculpture is broad, and among these new and used sculpture books, you will even find some fun projects that you can do at home. Explore advanced pumpkin carving, origami and jewelry making techniques in step-by-step instruction manuals that contain picture and even tools to help you get a creative project done right. Find project ideas for three dimensional sculptures that will become favored works in your personal art collection.

There are area-specific guides containing practical hints on how to work with different materials. Learn how to carve wood, use modeling clay, work with metal and even plastic and molding techniques. These sculpture textbooks provide practical information that will diversify your manual skill set and allow you to bring real life to your three dimensional art. Don't limit your creativity because you lack the skills and knowledge to work with a particular substance; all of the best techniques for working with all kinds of materials are in these new and used sculpture textbooks. For the savvy shopper and student, there are gently used sculpture textbooks available at unbeatable prices. Add some comprehensive yet cheap sculpture textbooks to your personal library today.

Cheap Sculpture Textbooks on Sculptors

Great sculptors have created works that have withstood the test of time. In the pages of these sculpture textbooks are some of the most famous three dimensional works of art on earth. Find collections of works by Antonio Lopez Garcia, Alexander Calder and Louise Bourgeois. The vibrant pictures include technical details about specific sculptures, as well as critiques and critical analyses. Discover your own unique style as a sculptor and artist by exploring some of the greatest sculptures that have made history.

Sculpture is an integral part of the visual arts, and you won't find a better selection of cheap sculpture textbooks anywhere else. Hone your skills and explore your potential as a sculptor by studying the very best that these sculpture textbooks have to offer.