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Used Architecture Textbooks

Architecture textbooks reveal how building and structures influence civilizations throughout time. Through the study of architecture textbooks, historical events and philosophies can be revealed. On the other hand, modern architecture is a form of art in itself that reinvents and infuses the architectures of the past with practices and cultural elements of the present.

Diverse Selection of New and Used Architecture Textbooks

The architecture textbooks found in this category include society-specific analyses of ancient peoples. Greek architecture and Roman architecture are especially crucial foundations in the overall field. Common Greek architecture is known for the use of very simple elements, such as wood and natural, unbaked brick in the construction of family homes. However, in studying both new and used architecture textbooks, it is revealed that the more majestic and renowned public buildings were made from remarkable marble and limestone columns and heavy bronze ornamentation. It is the fine aspects of these public buildings that fill the pages of many architecture textbooks. Some of the most revered and respected structures in the world were created within the confines of Greek architecture, and these incredible designs are discussed in both new and used architecture textbooks in our collection.

Similarly, Roman architecture was strongly influenced by the work of the Greeks, but the striking contrasts that can be identified between the two architectures are remarkable. Through analysis and comparison of these two forms in new and used architecture textbooks, a whole new understanding about architecture in general can be achieved. Greek and Roman architecture textbooks are a valuable resource for amateurs, enthusiasts, students and professionals alike.

Expand Your Technical Understanding with Cheap Architecture Textbooks

The general purpose of any building is to provide shelter and create a functional space for a group of people. Architecture textbooks provide insight on the ever-changing needs of societies. Further study through more technical architecture textbooks on construction, form and space reveals that this field is one that considers both the cultural and aesthetic implications of buildings and their design. Detailed illustrations of ancient structures that were built for the purpose of holding worship services to modern museums and office buildings in new and used architecture textbooks reveal important truths about society.

Modern architecture combines the wonders of art, engineering and fine craftsmanship. Cheap architecture textbooks found here reveal that the underlying function of buildings in modern architecture prevails over the outer form. While modern architects succeed in pleasing the eye over and over again, the true test of skill and ability comes in matching the appearance of the building to its function.

These new, used, and cheap architecture textbooks are intended to reveal the history of ancient architecture, the evolution of modern architecture, as well as the intricacies of the field - such as design, form and construction - that make it so unique. Exploring the complex relationship between ancient and the modern architectures provides a well-rounded understanding of what happened in the past and how it has influenced the practices in use today.