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Other Media

Used Other Media Textbooks

Media textbooks showcase the dynamic field of art, which is composed of a breadth of media techniques. When you think of art, your mind might wander to famous paintings like the Mona Lisa that have made such an impact on the world. If you are looking to expand your perspective and understanding of art, this is a great place to look for other media textbooks that will make you step outside of your comfort zone.

Other media textbooks that showcase historical art

Start your exploration of other media in art textbooks by looking at ancient art practices in jewelry and pottery making. This collection features the art of many different countries and provides a well-rounded perspective on other media in art. Old meets new when you go on to examine how modern artists are using ancient techniques to create pottery and jewelry that is reminiscent of ancient traditions. Find the latest techniques for making beaded jewelry, clay pots and other ceramic creations in these other media textbooks.

The newest and freshest ideas in the art world are emerging in the form of mixed media art and multimedia art. Mixed media art combines the very best of all different kinds of mediums. Paint, fabric, metal and clay can all be used simultaneously for great textures and unique effects. A great way to begin exploring mixed media art is to take a look at the techniques and theories that are applied to collages. You will find a wealth of information on how to make your own collages, as well as collections of collages that have been created by renowned artists, in our collection of other media textbooks.

Explore used media textbooks that combine old with new

There are many great other media textbooks here that explore the facets of multimedia art. Unlike mixed media, multimedia art brings other visual and auditory stimuli in to create a very evocative work. Discover the many ways that modern artists are employing sound, video, dance, drama and computer graphics to create brilliant multimedia works of art. These other media textbooks also chronicle the work of famous and emerging artists among these multimedia art and mixed media art.

This is a dynamic collection of used media textbooks, with something for every type of reader. You will adopt a better attention to detail in your own work and learn to discover new dimensions of beauty in the artwork of others. Artists will find inspiration for new work among these cheap media textbooks. The vibrant full color pages and step-by-step instructions for creating mixed media and multimedia art masterpieces will leave any artists feeling satisfied and complete.