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Performing Arts

Used Performing Arts Textbooks

Performing arts textbooks open a world of incredible artistry from around the globe. Whether you are interested in music, dance or theater, this is your one-stop shopping solution for cheap performing arts textbooks. This collection contains comprehensive guides to acting, behind the scenes looks at some of the greatest shows, biographies of legendary performers and much more.

New and Used Performing Arts Textbooks on Stage

Step back in time by exploring the great works of playwrights like William Shakespeare. You will find full presentations of his great works like Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet among these performing arts textbooks. These classics are available at the best prices, and you can choose from a selection of used performing arts textbooks to round out your Shakespeare collection without breaking your budget.

Contemporary performing arts textbooks on modern plays like Phantom of the Opera and Wicked are available in our collection as well. Not only can you find the scripts and full color behind-the-scenes guides to these works, but select musical compositions for piano, vocal and guitar are also available. Try your own solo performance with these great performing arts textbooks.

Finally, for the real theater enthusiast, student or professional, pick up great tips on specific techniques, such as acting, singing, casting, building sets and much more. These are excellent resources to improve your skill set as a live performer. You will even find great guides to giving better auditions and landing the roles that you really want. All of this information is here among these cheap performing arts textbooks.

Cheap Performing Arts Textbooks on Music and Dance

Learn the basics of voice production, diction and performance by studying performing arts textbooks on music and singing. Choose from new and used performing arts textbooks that will get you on the right track to a meaningful career in music. Pick up the latest scores and other materials that you will need for auditions too.

For the dance enthusiast, there are a wealth of performing arts textbooks covering a range of dance styles, from ballet, to jazz and modern. Gather an understanding on how dance great like Michael Flatley took the world by storm with his dynamic performances and great techniques. There are also conditioning guides complete with workout and dietary suggestions so you can take your dance repertoire to the next level.

These cheap performing arts textbooks provide a wealth of information and insight on theater, music and dance. Find everything you ever wanted to know and save by shopping for used performing arts textbooks.