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College Knowledge

Understanding What It Would Cost You to Change Your College Major

college major

Gone are the days where you must know your career path before starting college. 80% of US college students show that changing your college major is becoming more common as well as more frequent—up to three times more, in fact! College has gone from the expected career-starting place to one of exploration. While having options can be overwhelming, changing […]

How to Win Scholarships: 7 Revealing Insights You Need to Know

how to win scholarships

While a college education might be a good investment, it certainly doesn’t come cheap. In fact, the average cost of a four-year degree is a whopping $122,000, an amount that’s infeasible for many students. Luckily, financial aid and scholarships can help ease the shock of that eye-popping tuition bill. But competition for that money can be fierce, and standing out from other […]