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Real Estate

Used Real Estate Textbooks

Real estate textbooks shed light on the best strategies to profit from buying and selling. Don't even think about purchasing a house or commercial building without reading up on all the facets of the real estate industry. Everything you need to know about buying, leasing, selling and maintaining residential and commercial properties is in these real estate textbooks.

Basic Real Estate Textbooks

If you are getting ready to buy your first piece of real estate for personal reasons or for investment purposes, you'll want to explore what these real estate textbooks have to offer. The very best information and step-by-step instructions on buying and selling real estate are contained within this extensive collection. You can explore the facets of mortgages, house flipping, subprime loans, foreclosures and much more. These real estate textbooks will help you understand the language and the many legal ramifications associated with the real estate business. Many of our most popular titles are available at special prices. Browse our comprehensive selection of used real estate textbooks and save big today.

New and Used Real Estate Textbooks on Investing

Real estate investing is a little different than other areas of investing, and you will want to learn specific skills for this business. You can learn how to get ahead with real estate investments by exploring real estate textbooks on some of the greatest investors in the industry like Donald Trump. Look for special guides on investing in apartment buildings, commercial properties and residential developments. These real estate textbooks contain the very latest information on trends in the industry, smart investments, emerging markets and danger signs to watch for.

Cheap Real Estate Textbooks for Landlords

For new and experience property owners, all the best legal advice and tricks of the trade are found in the pages of these cheap real estate textbooks. Look for area-specific advice on being a landlord in multi-family properties, individual homes and commercial buildings. There are great guides on managing your taxes and finding extra deductions as a landlord. These cheap real estate textbooks even show you valuable ways to enhance your property value and the experience that your renters go through with you. Don't let a dispute with a tenant ruin your reputation or career in real estate. Find great legal advice and tips in these real estate textbooks.

Navigate the world of real estate like a professional. First time buyers and established realtors will find a wealth of information in these cheap real estate textbooks.