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Personal Finance

Used Personal Finance Textbooks

Personal finance textbooks teach you time and money saving techniques that can set you up for financial success. Young or old, rich or poor, all individuals need personal finance skills that are critical to establishing a prosperous life and comfortable retirement. Set your children up for a bright future by exploring some of the personal finance textbooks that we feature for kids. You will also find a range of software guides, workbooks and step-by-step instruction manuals on personal finance that are easy to use. These personal finance textbooks are your one-stop solution for financial management techniques that are a part of essential life skills.

Personal Finance Textbooks for Kids

It's never too early to start teaching children just how money makes the world go around. We have a wide range of personal finance textbooks for kids that break down the basics of money, budgeting and savings plans so that they are easy to understand. Walk your children through some basic exercises and fun activities related to money so that financial management becomes a fun part of their daily lives. We have cheap personal finance textbooks for kids that will promote healthy spending and saving habits. Your child might even go on to finance part of their own college tuition or start a small business from home with the tools they will gather from these personal finance textbooks.

New and Used Personal Finance Textbooks on Investing

The world of stock trading and investing is complex, and these personal finance textbooks contain answers and tips that will help you make smart decisions with your money. Learn how to create a balanced portfolio, buy or sell stocks, and how your investments play a role in your personal tax returns each year. Some of the best information here comes from experts like Jim Cramer and Suze Orman who know personal finances and investing inside and out.

Cheap Personal Finance Textbooks on Software

Technology has transformed the way that individuals and families manage their finances. Our personal finance textbooks on software unlock the mysteries behind some of the most beneficial computer programs on the market today. Transform your home computer into a personal finance machine with programs like QuickBooks, Quicken and Microsoft Money. The cheap personal finance textbooks on software in our extensive collection can teach you how to do everything from balancing checkbooks, to creating a personal budget and filing taxes.

Protect the money in your bank account by gathering an understanding of personal finances. Our cheap new and used personal finance textbooks are well worth the investment.