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Biography & History

Used Biography & History Textbooks

Biography and history textbooks shed important light on the historical factors that have propelled our economy. These biography and history textbooks contain comprehensive analyses of great companies, the individuals who built them, and the ones who continue to maintain them. Whether you choose new or used biography and history textbooks, the information inside is just as good as gold.

Gather a broad knowledge base when it comes to good business by studying these biography and history textbooks. These books are filled with stories, anecdotes and real life business situations that will inspire and motivate you. Learn the best practices and innovative techniques that can get you ahead. Take your lead from some of the greatest names in business.

Biography and History Textbooks on Companies

Certain companies have become a part of business empires, leaving behind tremendous legacies. Just how these companies became so successful is no longer a mystery to the business student. Among these biography and history textbooks you will find valuable information on some of the greatest companies in the world. From the most profitable endeavors to the ones with the highest employee satisfaction, there is a wealth of knowledge and understanding to be gained by studying these companies and the individuals who lead them. Explore industries like manufacturing, automotive and food services. You will find biography and history textbooks that examine the facets of GE, GM, Bacardi, Ritz-Carlton, and Toyota - just to name a few.

Used Biography and History Textbooks on Individuals

You can explore the lives and minds of great leaders in the business field in these used biography and history textbooks. Notable names in this collection include Warren Buffett, John D. Rockafeller, Dale Carnegie, and Walt Disney. There are biographical and autobiographical textbooks here that fill you in on the techniques and tools that these great business professionals used to get ahead in their careers. You will even find area-specific biography textbooks on beer brewers, purse makers, manufacturing giants and automotive masterminds too.

Cheap biography and history textbooks are now quite easy to find with the click of a button. Students, business professionals and teachers alike will enjoy the great values here on used biography and history textbooks. These books are just as good as new and still contain all the same great information. Hone your business skills by examining the companies and individuals who have helped to fuel the economy and business in the pages of these new and used biography and history textbooks.