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Marketing & Sales

Used Marketing & Sales Textbooks

Marketing and sales textbooks are great resources for learning how to expose your products and brand names to your target customer base. Tap into unidentified markets and sell, sell, sell. There is a plethora of great marketing and sales information right in our extensive collection. We update our titles regularly to bring you the very latest tips and techniques associated with this field. You can take your business to the next level by studying these marketing and sales textbooks.

Fundamental Marketing and Sales Textbooks

Our collection features fundamental marketing and sales textbooks that build your foundation to be successful in this competitive industry. There are books covering a range of topics including advertising, budget, consumer markets, competition, communication and much more. The information found in these marketing and sales textbooks will get you started on the right foot in any business venture or a serious career in sales or marketing.

Look for some comprehensive guide to help you understand how to put the internet, search engines and websites to good use in your sales and marketing campaigns. E-commerce is booming and you can get your slice of the pie when you discover the basics in these marketing and sales textbooks. Basic marketing and sales textbooks are great for students. Find extra special savings when you purchase your titles from our collection of used marketing and sales textbooks.

New and Used Marketing and Sales Textbooks on Theories

Selling and marketing products is largely based on understanding consumers, markets and industries. Begin your exploration of these fundamental building blocks in these cheap marketing and sales textbooks. Here you will find a wealth of resources on emerging markets in places like India and China. You can also learn how to implement a winning international sales and marketing campaign.

Don't underestimate the elements of human behavior and psychology when it comes to sales and marketing. The key to success in this field is gaining a deeper understanding about the people to whom you are selling. There are a number of new and used marketing and sales textbooks here revealing the inner workings of human behavior and relationships. Discover the cultural and psychological factors that influence buying trends.

Among these marketing and sales textbooks are also some great software manuals and step-by-step instructions here for implementing a comprehensive sales and marketing plan. Don't waste another minute being confused about where to go with your business. Get ahead in the game with our new and used marketing and sales textbooks.