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Used International Textbooks

International textbooks expound upon a field that changes rapidly and impacts all domestic economies. All of the latest and greatest information that you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of today is found among these international business textbooks. Check out the best practices in international accounting and new emerging markets, as well as build a solid set of culturally sensitive leadership and management skills.

International Business Textbooks on Accounting

Accounting standards are different in each and every country. Stay on top of the latest changes and modifications in the integral area of accounting with these international business textbooks. There are comprehensive resources on trading foreign currencies, how to do business in emerging markets like those in China and India, and a plethora of information about tax laws and trading laws. You can even brush up on your skills as a stock trader and financial manager in order to exercise more control over accounting as it relates to international business.

New and Used International Textbooks on Leadership and Management

Here you will also find complete international textbooks that explain the intricacies of complex cultural issue that come into play when conducting business on a global level. Learn how to build multidisciplinary high-performing teams, manage cross-cultural issues and language barriers more effectively. The key to success in international business is strong leadership and management. The fast and easy way to learn new leadership and management skills and strengthen existing ones is by exploring cheap international business textbooks like the ones found here.

Cheap International Textbooks on Markets

Use these international textbooks to maintain an understanding of international business practices and trends. Learn about the new trends that are emerging in the Chinese and Indian technology markets, oil markets in Africa and the United States, as well as many others. A global understanding of business and finance will transform you into a more conscientious citizen and a competitive business professional with a wealth of resources.

International Textbooks on Economic Crises

Some of the most valuable information and knowledge can be gathered from the study of crises that have taken place on a global level. Take a look at economic crises in developing countries, the stock market crash of 1929, or even the current subprime mortgage crisis. These are areas that have strong implications for business on a global level. International textbooks present a rounded view of their global impact as well.

International textbooks are not only valuable, but they are essential to staying ahead of the competition today. Stock your shelves with cheap international business textbooks and enjoy a fresh new perspective on the ever-changing world of business.