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Architects, A-Z

Used Architects, A-Z Textbooks

Architects textbooks explore the incredible civilizations and individuals that brought art into living. Every civilization can boast of its unique architectural structures. Architecture is a strong reflection of cultural implications, societal norms and functionality. Information about the talented craftsman who conceived and brought these structures into fruition is available in our collection of architects textbooks. With these new and used architects textbooks, you will reveal the deepest secrets and motivations of the creative people who built the world's most fascinating structures.

New and Used Architects Textbooks on Famous Accomplishments

Profiles, histories and collections from the most famous architects in the world can be found in our collection of architects textbooks. Ancient architecture, from the early civilizations like the Greeks, Mayans and Romans, is the foundation for the modern structures today. Use these new and used architects textbooks to gain an understanding of the very basic elements that ancient architects brought to the table.

Church architects are another group of major contributors to the world of architecture. Through these cheap architects textbooks, you can discover the beauty and artistry behind some of the world's greatest places of worship. From Catholic churches to temples and mosques, some of the most beautiful buildings seen today are the result of efforts from church architects. Study church architects by period, country of origin, or religious denomination to gain a better perspective of this subarea of architecture.

Geographical, Cheap Architects Textbooks

American architects have contributed a great deal by way of innovation and technology to the field. Architects textbooks centered on the work of great Americans like Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Upjohn and Richard Morris Hunt feature fantastic photography and complete analyses of great works. Profiles and collections of architects from other developing and developed countries like Rome, France, Italy and England are also available.

Among these new and used architects textbooks, you will find area specific resources that will help you hone your area of expertise. Explore the architecture of houses, industrial architecture, as well as architecture with a broad international perspective. These cheap architects textbooks present a rounded view of structures across the globe and detailed analyses of tools and techniques used to get the job done. The many cultural influences on architectural structures are also revealed throughout these architects textbooks.

Some closely related areas to architecture that are important for understanding the field can also be found in our expansive collection of new and used architects textbooks. Look for creative architecture-related textbooks on design drawing, interior design, decorating and form. Find everything you ever wanted to know about famous architects, church architects and American architects among these architects textbooks.