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Saving $$: Do Editions of Textbooks Matter?

do editions of textbooks matter

“There’s a new edition of the book for my spring media studies class out. It costs almost $150! The 2017 version only costs $12!! How much do editions of textbooks matter? There’s a lot I could do with the $138 I’d save.” You’re probably feeling cheated–by your college, the instructor, the book publisher, and a […]

College Success Hint: How to Take Notes from a Textbook

how to take notes from a textbook

You’re ready to crack open that brand new textbook. But are you prepared to actually read for understanding?  Learning how to take notes from a textbook helps you pick out the key information. Effective notetaking can improve learning and help you commit the information to memory. It not only helps you score better on your […]

How Much Do Textbook Authors Make?

how much do textbook authors make

There’s been a lot of talk of “the Death of the Author” in the 21st Century. Yes, philosopher Roland Barthes’ infamous 1967 essay proves prescient about the decline of authority in the wake of the Internet. It’s not the entire story, however.  The complete quote reads “The birth of the Reader must be at the […]

How to Survive Winter on a College Campus

college campus

Winter is coming, and no, that isn’t just a quote from the Game of Thrones. Surviving the winter can be difficult, but it’s even more troublesome when you’re a college student. Long gone are snow days, and now you have to walk everywhere, no matter if it’s sleeting, raining, or snowing. Plus, you have to […]