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5 Majors Where Discount College Textbooks Make a Difference

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Going to college will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It’s the opportunity for you to get out into the world and learn all that you can. Better yet, it’s the chance for you to build up the necessary experience and knowledge you’ll need for your future career. However, it certainly doesn’t come for free. Between costs like tuition and textbooks, the total can add up quickly. Here are the 5 majors with the most expensive average on textbooks where discount college textbooks would make a huge difference.

While cost shouldn’t hold you back from your desired career, it’s advantageous to be prepared for the costs ahead.

5. Psychology

Psychology certainly isn’t a topic that you’re born with the talents for. It takes an immense amount of studying to learn about what makes people tick.

Those that pursue psychology as a career are interested in learning all they can about what factors play the biggest role in a person’s mindset and actions. 

These factors could be anything from peer pressure, genetics, or predetermined dispositions. Whatever the case, this field is constantly evolving and growing.

It’s a learning-based field. In other words, as a psychologist, you’ll never stop learning, so it should come as no surprise that this major’s textbooks would cost a fair bit of cash.

Psychology books typically average around $245 per class because the books are so vast and cover a boatload of material.

Not to mention that the textbooks themselves are written by those that have a specified skill set. You wouldn’t want to purchase them from those that hadn’t dedicated their lives to learning and knowing all they can about psychology.

Luckily, you can rent your textbooks. That alone can help you save up to 70-percent on the overall cost of the books.

4. Physics

Those of you that are inquisitive and inspired by modern science might be interested in studying the complicated major of Physics.

Physics is defined as a natural science in which those in its field study things such as matter, motion, energy, and force. All of these components are paired up against space and time.

For example, the law of gravity, made by the infamous Sir Isaac Newton, was a natural law of nature deprived by his studies of physics.

Many people are flocking to this industry because of the growing need for people in the STEM fields of study. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

As one might expect, the textbooks on physics are extensive and full of theories, explanations, and studies. They average around $246 per textbook if you were to purchase them all outright.

3. Chemistry

In a lot of ways, physics and chemistry are very similar. They both study the object of matter and energy.

However, as the name would imply, chemistry is the study of chemical and atomic matter. It uses the periodic table as it’s the main guideline for defining how energy and substances relate.

Those that study chemistry are typically in pursuit of a career in pharmaceuticals or working in commercial laboratories of some shape or fashion.

The process to graduate with a major in chemistry is extensive and takes several hours of labs, studying, exams, and theoretical studies. 

With all of those moving pieces, chemistry textbooks average around $262 per textbook. Often, those that aren’t majoring in chemistry are still required to take it in some form and, thus, pay for the textbook as well.

Contrary to what most people believe, most of today’s chemist careers don’t require long white lab coats and intense explosions. Although, depending on the job you land, there might be a bit of that!

2. Languages

This is the first item on this list that isn’t a science major in some way. Some of you out there are seriously considering a degree in languages, and why wouldn’t you?

Majoring in languages won’t just help you build a career, it will help you throughout your life as well. If you commit yourself to it, then you can travel almost anywhere in the world and speak that culture’s native language to some degree.

Not only that, but it can be an incredible thing to double major in and looks amazing on a resume. 

It’s also a chance for those of you that want to study abroad to do so in an exotic country without having major setbacks.

This major averages around $268 per textbook because of how intensive they need to be to convert one language to another.

1. Economics

Sometimes irony can have a sick sense of humor. Topping this list of most expensive textbooks is the major that requires you to study the production of wealth.

It focuses on wealth both on a global scale, as well as analyzing wealth on society by society basis. 

More importantly, economics helps better the practices of using what resources each culture has available to them as well as the growth of those economies.

Economics textbooks typically range around $317 per textbook due to the trendiness of the topic itself. A textbook written only two years ago could be completely outdated without containing material on the economy’s current condition.

Discount College Textbooks are the Way to Go!

Even if you are interested in one of these majors, the price of their textbooks shouldn’t scare you off. Discount college textbooks exist to give each student the books they need at a much lower price.

Be sure to read this article on the most employable majors out there for more information on which career to choose.

To get started, be sure to enter your desired textbook’s ISBN, title, or author into the search bar to find fair prices on the books you need. 

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