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The Top 10 Most Employable Majors So You’ll Never Be Out of Work

most employable majors

College is a great time for learning. It is a great time to expand your mind. It is also a great time to develop skills that will pay off for the rest of your life. With all the majors available, you are in a dilemma. You want to choose one major that satisfies your curiosity but also helps you land work after graduation. So what are the most employable majors? 

We have listed the top 10 most employable majors. Pick one of them and you’ll never be out of work once you graduate!

Most Employable Majors – There’s Something For You

As you will see, these majors are in ‘hard’ or technical subjects. While this may be a disappointment for those of you who wanted to major in English Literature or Modern Art – do not worry! You can evaluate your skills and interests and we are sure you will find at least one major on this list for you!

1. Human Resources

Human Resources is one of the most important aspects of any business. This field of study will teach you how to make the workplace a welcoming and professional environment for the employees. As values regarding the workplace change, Human Resources is needed now, more than ever.

Much of HR has evolved into ‘People Ops.’ This unique approach treats a company’s employees as customers – making sure the work experience is catered to their needs.

If you are interested in business and are a people-person, you will want to look into HR. If you were considering another major, such as Psychology, that aims to understand human behavior – then HR could not be a better choice!

2. Finance

This is not for the faint of heart. If you love numbers and have a Type A personality you will succeed in the world of finance. Expect a lot of studying and plenty of all-nighters. But if you put forth the effort, you will have a rewarding career.

If you see yourself as a financial advisor or a broker on Wall Street, you will find a steady and extremely lucrative career.

3. Computer Science

There is a range of fields of study under ‘Computer Science.’ This ranges from Information Technology to Computer Programming to Cybersecurity. Do your research to see which one suits you best.

Regardless of which concentration you choose, a degree in Computer Science will promise a career with a generous salary. Technology continues to grow rapidly and computers will continue to be a part of our daily lives.

4. Engineering

Like Computer Science, this major also covers a wide range of concentrations. From Electrical Engineering to Electronics Engineering to very specific subjects such as Petroleum Engineering, there is something for almost every interest.

An Engineering major in any field can expect to have long nights in the library. Exams will be rigorous and you will be expected to receive top marks. However, engineers are always in demand and starting salaries are high.

5. Mathematics

To be considered a mathematician you will want to complete at least a Master’s degree. But if you are great at mathematics then you should choose this major. A starting salary for a qualified mathematician can start at $80K. 

The most popular job for mathematics majors is to teach – particularly at the university level. But math is a transferrable skill that can be applied to other sciences, as well as to engineering, and to technology fields.

6. Construction Management

You may not have thought of it, but a degree in construction management will lead to a rewarding career. But think about it – don’t you always see a new construction project when you drive around town?

You will learn about how to coordinate a construction project – from managing construction workers to preparing a schedule to being up to date with construction laws and regulations.

This is an exciting career that is always looking for new entries.

7. Aerospace Engineering/Astronomy

While we discussed engineering already, we want to share a focus on aerospace engineering. Or you can study astronomy if you prefer.

Space exploration is a growing field and private companies, as well as governments, are already seriously discussing space tourism. This may seem like a very niche interest, but it will be high in demand in the future. 

If you have always looked beyond the sky as your limit – you should consider aerospace engineering or astronomy!

8. Accounting

Keeping records of accounts will always remain a necessity. Whether you want to be a bookkeeper, an auditor, or a tax preparer – there is a range of possibilities with accounting.

If you are good with numbers and want to apply them to something practical and routine then you should consider accounting. Depending on your specific work and the company you work for, your pay could range from modest to extravagant.

Regardless of your choice, you will always have a job waiting for you.

9. Marketing

Without marketing, a business might as well not exist.

Marketing can range from market research to social media management to content marketing. If you want to be in business but are a creative type, then marketing is the major for you.

If your skills include writing, design, and communicating with others then you can apply these skills to a practical major such as marketing. Whether marketing for a startup or a multinational – you are bound to find work in this field.

10. Medicine

It should come as no surprise that medicine is on this list. Whether you want to be a doctor, nurse, or even a case manager – any profession in the healthcare industry will always be looking for new talent.

Your level of pay will, of course, depend on your specialization. Go for medical school if you are up for it – but whether you want to be in the operation room or in an administrative position, studying medicine will reward you forever.

Take Your Pick

Now that you know the most employable majors, it is time to take your pick. Evaluate your skills and interests and you are bound to find something up your alley!

And if you need more advice on how to survive the jungle that is college, be sure to learn some college knowledge!

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