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Ways to save on cheap textbooks and other stuff while at college.

Tips for Saving Money at College


For college students, being out on your own can be very exciting. You’re finally on the way to starting your life, and away from your parents!  However, with the new found freedom comes great responsibility: learning how to spend your money wisely.  Here are some tips to help you learn how to save money.

1. Attend campus activities- Colleges offer a wide variety of on campus events for entertainment, such as movie or game nights, and musical performances.  Instead of going to the movies or the mall (where you will be spending money), go to the campus events since these are typically free to students.

2.  Rent or buy used textbooks- These options tend to be significantly cheaper than buying your textbooks new. 

3Pay bills on time- Forgetting to pay a credit card or phone bill can result in extra late fees, which in return means more money you have to spend.

4.  Make your own coffee- Energy is definitely needed for those long days in class, but consistently buying your coffee at coffee shops can add up with those expensive prices.  Instead, try to make your own coffee in your dorm or apartment to take with you to class.

5. Buy generic products- If possible, buy the store brand generic products when shopping for food and other necessities.  Think about what name brands you can live without, and switch to the generic brand!

6. Bring your own snacks to class- Instead of eating out, or on campus where your meal plans are not accepted, try to pack your own food and snacks to eat in class or when you have a break between classes.

7. Don’t bring a car to school- If you can live without a car on campus, you can save tons of money on gas and campus parking passes if you simply do not bring your car to school.  Try to use public transportation, or even ride a bike or walk if where you need to go is close to your college.

 Remember, to bring in extra money, you can always talk to your school’s career center.  They can help you to find a job on campus and even off campus if you are in need of money and have the ability to balance school and a job.


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Saving the best, textbooks that is!

What's your favorite college textbook? I have many that I love and use almost daily. Subjects such as accounting, psychology, economics, biology, chemistry and history are great resources long after your classes are over. I never gave mine up but there is appeal in the ability to sell college textbooks if you don't need them after the semester is over.

    Let's face it, college textbooks cost a fortune. If you want to buy graduate level law college textbooks then you better get ready to shell out almost $200 per book, especially if you don't shop around and compare prices. But we at CheapestTextbooks.com do have a solution to aid you in finding the best price on all college textbooks. Our price comparison search engine will root out the best price and web buying experience available. Just search for your college textbooks, which is easiest with the ISBN, and pick the webstore/price combination you are most comfortable with. Buying college textbooks could not be easier.

    When you are done your semester you have the arduous decision to make about your beloved college textbooks. Do I sell college textbooks or do I keep them? Like I said earlier, if I enjoyed the course and the subject matter I keep them; they are fantastic reference material. Plus, I have all the best information already marked, highlighted, dog-eared and tabbed. However, you do have the option to sell college textbooks and university textbooks. As easy as you bought them there are various outlets at school and online to sell college textbooks.  

    The nice thing is having the option to sell college textbooks. Renting or using ebooks does not afford you that option and personally, I like options. So think carefully about your college textbook purchasing alternatives, look to the future and leave your options open if you decide you want to keep your university textbooks or sell college textbooks.