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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we’ve answered some of the most common questions from our users. If you don’t see the question you are looking for, then click on our contact us page and send us a message. We strive to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

What is

Our only purpose is to help you find the cheapest place to buy and rent your textbooks. We are a price comparison search engine dedicated to finding you the cheapest place to get your textbooks.

What is an ISBN?

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. It consists of 10 OR 13 numbers and is found on the back of your textbook. An ISBN is the best way to search for your textbook, because each textbook and edition has its own individual ISBN. Click HERE for more detailed information on what an ISBN is.

How do I return my rental textbook?

Your rental textbook should have come with instructions and a prepaid mailing label when you got it.  If you cannot find these things, contact the store you rented the textbook from. You can find out who you rented from by looking at your credit card or bank statement.

How will I know the condition of the textbook?

If you read the comments about the textbook on the seller’s page, it should tell you what it contains and what condition it’s in. It comes up after you click “Buy Now”, but it’s before you actually buy the textbook.  If it doesn’t provide the condition, you could try contacting the seller.

Can I buy the access code separately?

Yes, you can easily purchase an access code separately through the textbook manufactures website or on the secondary market through

Where are the coupon codes?

On the price comparison page for the textbook, all the coupon codes are shown in the third column under “Coupons & Deals”.

How long does it take to ship a textbook?

How long it takes depends on who you buy it from and the delivery method you choose. Some of the stores on our site have overnight shipping. Most will have expedited shipping of 4 to 6 days. On average most textbooks will arrive within 8 days with normal shipping. Please read the individual stores page for all the information.

Can I buy multiple copies of a textbook?

It is unlikely you will get that amount of used textbooks from one seller. Marketplace textbooks are sold by individuals who probably only have one or two textbooks to sell. However, if you are buying brand new and not from a marketplace, you should be able to get multiple copies.

Will my rental textbook come with the access code?

Rental stores do not guarantee the supplemental materials that would be included with a new textbook. Access codes can only be used once so it is unlikely that a used or rental textbook would contain them.

Can I write in a rental textbook?

Most stores do let you highlight and write in their rental textbooks, as long as it’s not excessive.

How do I get my eBook?

After you purchase your eBook, the store will email you instructions on how to access and download your eBook.

Can I return my textbook and get my money back?

All the stores have return policies. Most of the time as long as you return within two weeks you will get your money back.  Refer to the stores individual return policies before you check out.

How do I find out who I bought my textbook from?

Check your credit card or bank statement from when you bought the textbook to see who you bought it from.

Can I ship a textbook overseas?

Some of the stores in our price comparison ship textbooks overseas.

Do you buy textbooks back or have a place I can sell them?

Click on the following link to use our “Sell Back” price comparison. Put your textbook’s ISBN number in the search and it will give you a list of all the stores interested in your textbook and how much they are willing to pay you for it.

What does it mean to rent a textbook?

When you rent a textbook, it means you are borrowing the textbook from a store for a certain amount of time.  Usually the amount of time is anywhere from 30 days to 130 days.  When the term is up, you will have to return it to the store you rented it from, in good condition. The longer you rent a textbook, the more it will cost.  If you end up not returning the textbook, the store will charge you full price for the textbook.

Does it cost anything to sell a textbook?

There is no cost to sell a textbook.  Use this link to sell your textbook.  Put your textbook’s ISBN number in the search bar and it will give you options for selling it.

Is free shipping included?

Shipping depends on the store. Sometimes they do include free shipping.  Please read the individual stores page for all the shipping information.

Why are the prices so low?

We price compare all the major bookstores and show you the lowest prices for your textbook, which is why the prices are so low.

What is an eBook rental?

An eBook rental means you will only be renting your eBook online for a certain amount of time.   This time frame varies, but generally it’s up to a year. After the rental period is over, you lose access to the eBook.