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5 Benefits of Living on Campus

You’ve graduated, now what? It’s time to go to college and get your degree so you can land that awesome job that will pay $100k+. But, there’s one question looming over you and your parents that you can’t seem to answer…

“Should I live off campus or be living on campus?”

After reading this, you’ll see that living on campus is a great option and should easily help to answer that question. So, without further ado, here are five benefits of living on campus.

Benefits of Living on Campus

1.  Shorter Travel Times

While it may not seem dangerous, the more you drive, the greater the chance of being in an accident.  And, here’s the kicker … college students are a lot more likely to be in a wreck. Why? Because they are tired, distracted, stressed out, late for class, etc. If you live on campus, there is a slim chance that you’ll be involved in a vehicular accident while trying to get to class.

Another great benefit of a shorter travel time is the ability to sleep in longer. If you live thirty minutes away, that is thirty minutes of sleep that you are giving up. But, if you are on campus, that is thirty minutes of sleep that you are gaining. Will that thirty minutes of sleep help? Absolutely!

2.  Better Grades

Do you think more sleep and shorter travel times will help your grades? For most, the answer is yes. Many students want to get the best grades possible so they can show their future employers their academic accolades. Living on campus makes getting the best grades possible, easier.

Several major universities and colleges have researched the grades of on-campus students and off-campus students, and the numbers do not lie. One study from BYU shows that off-campus students are almost twice as likely to have a GPA of 1.0 or less, unlike their on-campus counterparts. Additionally, off-campus students are more likely to drop out without finishing their required curriculum.

3.  It Is More Affordable Than You Think

According to LendEDU, the average room and board is around $10,800 per year. That means that for $10,800 you will get:

•    Room

•    Electricity

•    Water

•    Internet

•    Meals

•    Security

If you live off campus, you’ll have to foot all of that, plus some. For example, you would need:

•    Apartment (est. $800.00)

•    Electricity (est. $200.00)

•    Water (est. $100.00)

•    Internet (est. $50.00)

•    Meals (est. $400.00)

•    Travel Expenses (est. $200.00)

•    Laundry (est. $100.00)

The numbers shown are general estimates for what you might be expected to pay for these off-campus amenities monthly. When totaled up, each month you would be expected to front around $1,850.00 while living off campus. At the end of one year, that would come to $22,200. That is more than double what living on-campus would cost.

4.  It Is Safer for You Living on Campus

Another great benefit of living on campus is having a safe environment. Most campuses are well lit with tons of security cameras and personnel. If you live off campus, you may not be in a great neighborhood with plenty of lights or security personnel. Most students don’t consider security when making the decision to live on campus or not, but it really should be considered, especially since it is paid for when you are an on-campus student. 

5.  Becoming Your Own Person

And finally, living on campus helps you to become your own person. For eighteen years or more, you’ve been at home with your family. Your privacy was limited and all of your decisions were probably questioned. Now, you have a chance to live outside of your parents’ control, but still be safe. This is your opportunity to prove that you are growing up, and able to make mature decisions.

Living on campus is a great way to start learning how to be independent. No one is going to come rushing into your room to make sure you get to class on time. No one is going to ask if you did all your homework. You get the chance to prove that you can do this and that you are ready to take the next major steps in life.

College life is one of those life events that you’ll always remember, no matter whether you live on campus or off. But, living on campus is much easier for many students, and well worth it. As you can see, there are several great benefits of living on campus.

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