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Make Work Work For You: The Best Jobs for College Students

best jobs for college students

As a college student, you have a lot on your plate. You most likely have more weighing on you than your friends or family members who aren’t in school. Not only do you have the typical life problems to worry about, but now you also have to worry about all of the issues that come with being a college student. 

It can seem overwhelming at first, but over time, you’ll begin to get the hang of it. One of the most challenging aspects of being in school is making enough money to get you by. Finding the best jobs for college students isn’t the most straightforward task. 

You need the right mix of flexibility, something you enjoy, and decent pay. How can you find all of these things in one position? We’re here to help.

Below is our guide on several different jobs that are perfect for college students!

Professor’s Assistant 

A good starting point when job searching is asking your current or past professors about becoming an assistant. Many professors need someone to help them keep organized and do simple tasks for them that are time-consuming. A professor’s assistant won’t have the responsibility of teaching any lessons to a class.

Your responsibilities will be to make things easier for the professor and free up some time for them. Upper-level students are the ones usually hired for this job, and the professors who’ll need help are ones who teach large freshmen classes. 

Some tasks might include passing out papers or helping grade assignments. 

Library Front Desk

Each college campus has a college library. One of the benefits of working at the library on campus is that you’ll have a variety of work hours to choose from. Most college campus libraries are open 24/7 or open quite late. 

This works well for many college students who don’t get done with classes until later in the evening. Your role at the library front desk is also simple enough for just about anyone to do. You may need to patrol the commons and ensure that everyone is respectful of the rules and one another. 

You might also be the person who students come to when having trouble checking out a book or returning one or finding their way around the library. You might find some awesome reads while you’re there too!

Tour Guide 

If you’ve been at the college campus long enough to know your way around, then you might want to consider becoming a campus tour guide. Each year and each semester brings a group of new college students. When it’s time for new students to come for orientation, college campuses need tour guides to show these new students around.

You’ll most likely be showing them all of the main parts of campus. Depending on how big the campus is, you most likely won’t be able to show them everything, but if you know enough about the college, then you’ll do a great job.

In this position, you should also be ready to answer any questions that the new students might have about the campus or the college in general. 

Peer Tutor

You’re a college student, so you know how overwhelming certain assignments can get. You also know that for the first two years of college, when completing your Associate’s degree, you’re taking a lot of general classes. These classes can be difficult because there are most likely subjects that you’re not so great in.

There will also be subjects that you excel in, but others don’t. If there’s a certain subject that comes naturally to you, then consider becoming a peer tutor. If you’re a great writer, then you can also consider taking on a position at the writing center. 

Other students will come to you for help in that specific subject or for writing. 

Book Store Employee

If there’s one thing that every college student needs, it’s school books. On-campus and off-campus book stores provide students with all the school books they need plus more. Not only will you find books in the book stores, but you’ll also find other school supplies and fun college merchandise and novelty items as well. 

As a book store employee, you can help others find the right books they need for specific classes and help direct them towards the type of supplies they need for specific classes. 

Fitness Center Front Desk

If you’re a fitness guru, then you might want to consider applying for a position at the college campus fitness center. There are plenty of positions to choose from when deciding to work at a fitness center. If you’re really into workouts, then you can take a floor position or class instructor position.

In these positions, you’ll be helping people on the floor and teaching classes to students that sign up. You can also choose to work at the front desk. The front desk position will come with less responsibility, which might work better for your situation. 

Dog Walker

Another option you have is to become a dog walker. Unlike babysitting children, dog walker positions will only take-up a small portion of your day. There are several dog-walking apps that you can download and sign up for. 

Once signed up, you decide which walks you want to accept, which means you’re in complete control of your hours and how much money you make.

The Best Jobs for College Students Start With You

Finding the best jobs for college students starts with you. You’ll need to think about how many hours you can devote to a job, what you find interesting, and how you’ll balance it with your schoolwork.

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