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Best Jobs for College Students (to Help You Dodge that Student Debt)

Can you believe that the total student loan debt in the US equates to 1.56 trillion dollars? If you’ve got student debt already, you may feel like you’re carrying this entire burden around your neck. But, you may be able to pay some of your debts off as you go by finding a part-time job. Of course, something flexible is required! Would any of these jobs for college students suit you? 

1. Nannying is Great for Future Parents

Anyone who wants kids in the future should definitely spend some time nannying before they make this huge life decision! 

You’ll learn so much about yourself and about childcare by spending a few hours per day with children. If you babysit, you can earn around $15 an hour and do homework while the kids sleep! 

Unlike babysitting, nannying requires you to be available most days but the hours are often after school ends. By taking a break from learning and studying, you’ll actually improve your ability to absorb information. 

2. Love Socializing? Work in a Bar

By working in a bar, you will gain huge amounts of confidence. Future employers will be impressed that you paid off your debts in this way.

You’ll develop transferable skills, such as the ability to deal with difficult clients, to work with money, and to sell! 

If you’re an extrovert, then this is a great way to socialize and build your network. It’s very easy to only spend time with students, so working in a bar will help you build a bigger network.

3. Become a Tutor

Are you highly skilled at your particular subject? Do you always have your nose in a book? Do you have a way of explaining topics in a clear and simple way? You’d make a perfect tutor!

Tutoring is great money once you build up your client base. Although there is a lot of competition, referrals will help you earn more money.

Tutoring can be much more flexible than working in a bar. It is also likely to pay a lot more. You can demand upwards of $25 for an hour of tutoring!

4. Show Off Your Skills as a Social Media Assistant

Are you always switching between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube? If you know what’s hot online, you’d be great as a part-time social media assistant.

Look out for local companies that are doing terribly on social media. Then, approach them in person to offer your skills.

It’s important to build up your own social media presence so that you don’t have to work for free. Once you’ve gained a lot of your own followers and have worked for a couple of happy clients, it will be much easier to find many more paying customers.

5. Spend Time with Dogs by Walking Them

Any dog lovers will absolutely love getting out of the library and spending a couple of hours per day walking a furry friend. 

Spending time with dogs has been proven to reduce our stress levels. Walking will boost your endorphins!

After a long walk with a pooch, you’ll come back to your textbooks feeling refreshed, relaxed and a lot happier.

6. Become a Translator or Interpreter

This option isn’t available for the majority of students, especially as only 25% of Americans speak another language. 

But, for those who are fluent in a second language, the business of translating and interpreting is lucrative.

You’ll be able to choose your own hours. It is worth working for a larger company at first and then sourcing your own clients to work for.

7. Show People Around Your City as a Tour Guide

Do you have a deep-founded knowledge of the history, customs, and coolest parts of your city or town? Why not train to become a tour guide?

It’s easy to unofficially set yourself up as a tour guide in many areas of the country. Or, you might prefer to train and become an official business. 

By becoming a tour guide, you can advertise your business on Airbnb or on your own personal website.

8. Become a Fitness Instructor

If you’re someone who is always in the gym, knows how the human body works and is a great motivator, this is the job for you. 

You can earn up to $20 per hour working as a fitness instructor. But, you will need to complete courses such as CPR, first aid and AED. 

It’s also important to gain accreditation from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or equivalent body by passing an exam. 

However, if you do this over one summer, you’ll be able to begin working as a fitness instructor during term times.

Better yet, you can choose your own hours. You can also run classes if you find a gym that wants to hire you. Finally, exercise is a great way to boost your productivity! 

10. Save Lives as a Lifeguard

Anyone who is a strong swimmer can train to be a lifeguard. You’ll need to enroll in a course to gain accreditation. 

The American Red Cross is the most commonly chosen board. But, it takes around two years for you to qualify as a lifeguard. 

If you have previously done this course while you were at high school, then this is a great way to make money in college.

However, if you’re starting from scratch, it’ll take you some time to build up your skills. But, once you do, you can earn around $9.50 per hour.  

There are Many More Jobs for College Students 

With a little creativity, you can find a job that will help you keep your debt down or eliminate it completely. 

Jobs for college students can be difficult to find as there is a lot of competition. Your work also has to be very flexible. But don’t give up searching!

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