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CheapestTextbooks is a price comparison textbook search engine. That means our only purpose is to help you find the cheapest place for you to get your textbooks. We do this by scouring the internet, essentially looking at 1000’s of sellers for all possible textbook conditions, which include: used textbooks, new textbooks, rental textbooks and ebooks. […]

Preparing for College – Tips for Incoming Freshmen

preparing for college

Few things are as nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing as preparing for college as a freshman. After all, you are reaching a stage of your life that influences your career and professional life. So what are the best steps to take in ensuring you are fit for your first days in college? Consider these following tips. Grants […]

What is an ISBN?

What is an ISBN

The acronym for ISBN is International Standard Book Number. It is a numeric commercial book number that is unique to every book edition. The number is usually found on the back right corner of a book. Generally, if a book was published before 2007, it has a 10 digit ISBN. If a book was published […]