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Mobile Study: The Best Educational Apps for College Students

College can be tough enough. Don’t miss out on amazing resources that can all be easily accessed from your mobile device. Stay organized and efficient with the best apps for college students, that will cover everything from finances to study tools.  

Keep reading this guide for some of the best educational apps for college students that you should download today!


Citations can be difficult and may vary across different subjects. Make citing easy on yourself with the Easybib App. This app can help you avoid plagiarism without having to memorize every detail of MLA, APA, Chicago style and more. 

This online citation generator is super easy to use. Plug in the information for the text your citing in the labeled boxes and the app will make a citation for you in whatever style you select. This is a great app to have available on your laptop or iPad so you can easily copy and paste the citation to your essays and documents. 

Study Blue

Studying is hard if you don’t have the best resources available to you. Make studying for exams easy with Study Blue, an app that will help you study more efficiently and effectively. With this app, you can create study tools like flashcards to help you with memorization, and you can share these tools with other users.

This is a great way to collaborate with your classmates to make sure everyone can get an A, all from your device. Don’t worry about forgetting your notes or trying to decipher them. With this helpful app, you can access your notes from your phone. This app can sync with Evernote for even more study and note-taking options. 


If you struggle to take good notes in class, this is a great app for you. Evernote teaches you awesome note-taking tools with organizational features such as checklists and streamlining.

You can add voice recordings, videos, and other attachments to your notes for additional learning opportunities. This app allows you to search your notes for certain keywords easily, which makes studying and note taking pain-free. 


This app takes brainstorming and planning to the next level. The main tool in MindNode helps you to make a visual brain map. This brain or mind map can help you when planning a big project, presentation or essay.

Use the map to figure out what your main argument or point is and what points can help develop this idea. Help get the ball rolling and keep your work organized with this helpful app. 


College can overwhelm and be stressful. Give yourself some time off with Headspace, a meditation app. Meditation can seriously help reduce anxiety and depression, giving yourself time to clear your head that is working hard to learn and critically think. 

This is a great way to take a few minutes to check in with yourself and benefit your mental health. An awesome study break option, Headspace is easy to use and can teach you some meditation skills that you can take anywhere. Making sure your mentally healthy can be essential during a stressful and busy time like midterms and finals. 

Cheapest Textbooks

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Send us your used textbooks, and we can send new or used ones straight to your door. This helpful app can help you save and make some serious cash. 


Speaking of finances, Mint is a great app for budgeting and tracking your spending. College is a time where you may stress over money or the lack thereof, and you may handle handle your own finances for the first time. 

Mint can help you see where you are overspending and areas you should cut down on. Hook the app up directly to your bank account so you can skip the time-consuming entering of your purchases into a spreadsheet. Mint will also categorize your spending for easy viewing. 

Set budgeting reminders for yourself through the app. For example, if you want to cut down on how much your spending on entertainment, the app will notify you when you are spending more than or close to what you had budgeted for yourself. This app can also help you track payments on student loans. 

My Fitness Pal

Now that you have your finances and mental health under control, My Fitness Pal can help you meet your fitness goals. Avoid the infamous “freshman fifteen” with this awesome app that helps track your exercise and nutrition. 

Track information such as water to calorie intake to make sure you’re the healthiest you can be. The app is customizable to help fit your personal fitness goals and needs. 

Educational Apps for College Students You Should Download Today! 

College can be a stressful time where you are newly juggling so many things, but these apps can help. Don’t get bogged down and overwhelmed. Download these educational apps for college students that can help make your college experience a breeze. These apps, along with your University app and your school’s free resources will help you on the road to college success. 

To download our app, or to purchase and sell textbooks today, head to our website! For more advice for college students, check out that section of our blog.

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