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8 Tips for Hosting a College Dorm Party for Beginners

college dorm party

Did you know that the average college student salary is around $1,200 a month? That means a student only earns $300 a week. With all of the new bills and responsibilities that come with adulthood, this can be a stressful time.

Many students have to work their way through college. Trying to get your degree and working to make enough money to pay for your bills can get overwhelming, so taking some time to unwind is crucial to bring some balance to your life as a student.  

A college dorm party is a perfect solution to the stress of being in college! Planning a great one takes some time and effort, however. Keep reading to hear some tips for being the perfect host.

1. Make a Dorm Party Budget

As mentioned above, being a college student can be pretty expensive. So many have been familiar with the feeling of being a broke college student. 

This is why before you do anything else, it’s crucial to create a budget for your party. You want to make sure this is the best party in your dorm hall, but you don’t want to plan for something you can’t afford. 

Thankfully a dorm party doesn’t require much to have a good time. Make sure your budget includes essentials like food and drinks, decorations, and some games to make things exciting. 

2. Develop a Friendship With Your RA

Your RA is the person that will help you get through college life. They’ll be your go-to friend for advice and if you ever get locked out of your dorm room while your roommate’s away. 

It’s essential to develop a friendship with your RA so that you won’t have any issues with the awesome party you’re planning. While some RA’s are a bit stricter, if you’ve developed a good friendship with yours, they’re more likely to allow you to have your party, so long as you keep things under control. 

3. Pick the Perfect Date and Time 

A good party will never be during midterms week. Make sure that you choose a date in the semester when everyone’s had the chance to settle in and won’t be drowning in homework. A weekend night is perfect, as this is usually reserved for some time off from the books for most college students. 

Another thing to think about is avoiding hosting a party around other significant campus events. Homecoming week might be a week for endless parties, and yours will likely be forgotten in the shuffle of things. 

4. Create a Party Invite List

Your dorm party invitations are an important part of how successful your party ends up being. Do something creative with your invites so more people can get excited about the unique party you’ll be throwing. 

Invite the friends you’ve made since you’ve been in college but this is also a great opportunity to make new friends. Reach out to your dorm neighbors that you don’t know too well yet and give them an invite to your party, this is the perfect way to get to know someone new.

5. Make a Fun Playlist

A party isn’t a party until the music starts playing! But curating the perfect playlist is no easy feat. Making the perfect playlist requires adding songs for everyone’s tastes and making sure you have a varied mix of musical genres. 

It’s important to play some classic high school jams, the big dance bops that will get everyone on their feet, and a couple of slower beats as the party’s winding down but try not to choose anything too slow because it might bum out your guests. Also, make sure to control the level of noise. You don’t want to get too rowdy. 

6. Get the Best Snacks and Drinks 

Everyone gets hungry at a party, and there’s always that one guest who spends the entire time eating. You want to make sure you have some snacks everyone will enjoy, but this isn’t a dinner party, so no need to overdo it. Some chips and guac, maybe some hot wings or pizza, and some candy for a bit of something sweet will do.

It’s not a college party without a little bit of alcohol to get the crowd having fun, but make sure to drink responsibly. Some beer is the go-to drink in college but try switching it up and making some jello shots with vodka-soaked gummy bears.

7. Prepare Your Dorm

An important part of dorm party preparation includes organizing and decorating your room to create the perfect party atmosphere. You don’t want to have a boring and plain room as the backdrop for your party. Decorating can be pretty expensive, but there are cheap dorm decorating ideas to give you some inspiration to make your room the most inviting place in the residence hall. 

It’s also important to remember to clean up any mess you have before your party. You don’t want your guests to think you’re a slob!

8. Be a Good Host

Part of hosting a good college dorm party is being a good host. Besides providing the snacks and music, you have to give your guests something else to do.

Creating some space for games is the perfect way to be a good host. Other than the typical beer pong games, Jenga or some type of card games are always fun while having some drinks with friends. 

How to Have the Best College Dorm Party

Hosting a college dorm party can be a big thing to take on. If you follow the tips listed above, however, you’ll be sure to host the best party of the semester!

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