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7 Benefits of Studying Abroad for College Students

studying abroad

How many times have you heard that studying abroad is a life-changing experience? It may seem like a cliche, but that’s because there is so much truth into it. Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to live in a foreign country and take in the allure of their culture.

You get to travel, meet new people, possibly learn a new language, and see the world. Even better, about 64% of all employers feel that international experience is essential in recruitment, which increases your chances of employment. Studying abroad for a college student presents so many opportunities and comes with so many benefits, seven of which we will address in this post and help you make your decision.

1. An Opportunity to Travel the World

A majority of us would like to travel the world and get to experience what it has to offer. However, life always seems to get in the way, and most people never really get around to it. If you choose to study abroad, you have the perfect opportunity to see a different part of the world than the one you already live in.

Living in a foreign country as you study will offer you a foreign country on a platter, and you can explore to your heart’s content. Most of these study programs come with trips and excursions built around them. Even if yours won’t you will be surrounded by other foreign students eagerly looking to travel, and they will motivate you to do the same.

It’s like having travel buddies from the day you land. You’ll find that since people come together, exploring other countries becomes easier.

2. You’ll Impress Future Employers

An average of 59% of employers feel that candidates that study abroad would be more valuable in their organization. Some people feel that studying abroad would inhibit their opportunities, but on the contrary, it opens them up.

When you hone your skill and learn new things from foreign countries, you find that international experience is desirable in the current job market. Even better, college graduates who study abroad not only land jobs sooner, but they get higher starting salaries as well.

3. You Expand Your View of the World

When you live in a foreign country far away from what you consider the norm, your mind opens up to new lifestyles, new perspectives, new cultures, and new food. You’ll get to immerse yourself in a different world in a way that you may not be able to if you were visiting for a few days or weeks.

Your view of the world is likely to be challenged, some of your values will likely shift from what you used to believe in and those that matter will be solidified. Interacting with different people and different cultures will also have a lasting impact on you and how you perceive life. Having such different experiences at an early stage in your life will create a holistic and robust foundation on which you will get to build the rest of your life.

4. There’s a Chance You Might Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is not only exciting, but it’ll also impress your potential future employers as well. Studying abroad will allow you to immerse yourself into a completely different language, or a few, which is simply the most effective way to learn.

You wouldn’t believe the high demand for bilingual workers out there. Having the ability to speak several languages will only increase your opportunities.

Most companies offer a language bonus on salaries, and some of the in-demand languages can earn you so much more. Besides, learning a language comes with an intrinsic value and gives you the opportunity to interact with the locals of a foreign country on a deeper level.

5. You’ll Learn People Skills

It’ll come as a benefit if you learn to interact with different types of people as early as now. Studying abroad improves your communication skills by a long shot. Communicating with people who share a different language, different culture, different values, and different beliefs prepares you better than anything else.

6. Chances of Making Lifelong Friendships

Studying abroad gives you such an impactful experience, and even though you’ll meet people from all over the world in your program, you stand to make lifelong friendships.

You may feel like since you’re leaving your own friend behind and meeting complete strangers in a foreign country, making new friends will be hard. On the contrary, you may get to interact with great people and forge lifelong friendships, even after you complete your program.

You’re also likely to discover new interests and hobbies as you interact with your newfound friends. You’ll get to participate in new activities and get a lifelong experience from everything you do. For all you know, this may be the only time in your life to get an opportunity to travel, so take it and have a great new experience.

7. Build a Global Network of Contacts

Most colleges abroad have alumni networks that feature high-impact alumni that are all part of the globe. Once you choose to study abroad, you’ll get a connection with so many people.

You may be a part of exchange programs or get opportunities to get work in different countries. You’ll get to train for international careers and get to travel even more once you get to work abroad in other countries.

Take advantage of These Benefits of Studying Abroad

If you were having doubts about studying abroad, now you have seven reasons not to miss out. There is so much to see in this world, and you’ll get different career opportunities, different styles of teaching, and so much more if you choose this path.

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