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Used Philosophy Textbooks

Philosophy textbooks are an integral tool for mastering the basics of studying humanities. They provide insights, arguments, questions and answers about the human experience. Look for a variety of philosophy textbooks here written by popular philosophers, biographies about great philosophers, area-specific philosophy textbooks, and modern philosophy textbooks. These are practical resources for students, teachers and academicians from all walks of life.

New and Used Philosophy Textbooks on Philosophers

Throughout history, a number of insightful philosophers have emerged all over the world. We feature a range of comprehensive philosophy textbooks that chronicle the lives and times of influential philosophers. Look for biographies, autobiographies and historical accounts of some of the most important philosophers among these philosophy textbooks. Some of the most popular titles include works about Plato, Socrates, Confucius, and many more. These new and used philosophy textbooks on philosophers are appropriate for college level classes, research projects and personal study at home. With our great prices, you can collect a variety of titles written by these famous philosophers and critical commentary written about them. These philosophy textbooks will transform your understanding of the human experience and broaden your knowledge base at the same time.

Area-Specific Philosophy Textbooks

Whether you are interested in the study and practice of logic, argument, religion, politics or social justice, we feature a variety of area-specific philosophy textbooks covering all of these topics and many more. Look for the latest editions of area-specific philosophy textbooks by popular authors like Fareed Zakaria, Simon Wiesenthal and David Hume. This collection of philosophy textbooks is so diverse that you will want to choose a variety of titles in order to master this broad area of the humanities field. Our cheap philosophy textbooks covering specific areas are great tools for students and teachers of philosophy and the humanities.

Cheap Modern Philosophy Textbooks

Among these philosophy textbooks, you will find a variety of titles from great philosophers from the ancient times, but also a variety of more modern texts. Elements of popular culture are revealed in some of the latest philosophy textbooks on topics like succeeding in business, the power and influence of the media, and the complex social and psychological problems that are prevalent in the 21st century.

The new and used philosophy textbooks featured here are priced competitively to make this area of study accessible to anyone with an interest. You will find a range of resources about great philosophers, specific philosophy concepts, and the most modern trends in the field in our collection of cheap philosophy textbooks.