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Performing Arts

Used Performing Arts Textbooks

Our performing arts textbooks contain a wealth of entertaining, educational and practical information about how visual media has thrilled audiences for many years. The popular titles here reveal important aspects about music, dance and theater. This is a great place to shop for cheap performing arts textbooks that are packed with colorful photos, behind the scenes commentary and helpful hints. You will find performance tips, biographies, scripts and scores to popular shows right here. We also feature guides that provide instruction on acting, singing and dancing.

Theater Performing Arts Textbooks

The performing arts textbooks that we carry about theater are diverse and informative. You will find full scripts for classic plays like Romeo and Juliet, Fiddler on the Roof, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof among these new and used performing arts textbooks. We also feature anthologies and collections by famous playwrights like William Shakespeare and Andrew Lloyd Weber that are fun and entertaining. You can use these scripts to prepare for an audition, theater class or live production.

Among our most popular performing arts textbooks on theater are a variety of step-by-step instruction manuals on acting techniques, improvisation and stage technology. Whether you want to appear on stage as a lead actor/actress or learn how to build a dynamite set, everything you need to know is in the pages of these great performing arts textbooks.

New and Used Performing Arts Textbooks on Music

This collection of performing arts textbooks on music contains biographies of legendary musicians, scores to popular plays and shows, as well as instructional manuals to help you learn to read notations or sing like a star. Here you will find a variety of excellent materials for singing auditions. There are also performing arts textbooks that will teach you the basics of voice production and stage presence.

Cheap Performing Arts Textbooks on Dance

Our performing arts textbooks on dance are packed with pictures of proper techniques, nutrition and training suggestions, as well as comprehensive analyses of different styles of dance. We have new and used performing arts textbooks on ballet, modern dance, jazz, hip-hop and much more. You can also read about the lives and accomplishments of famous dancers and choreographers. These performing arts textbooks on dance are great for students, performers and appreciators of this timeless visual art.

Find everything you ever wanted to know and prepare for your next big performance by exploring what we have to offer in our collection of cheap performing arts textbooks.