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Used History Textbooks

History textbooks are excellent resources for developing an understanding of the broad field of humanities. The titles found in our comprehensive collection will expand your analytical and critical thinking skills. These history textbooks demystify many aspects of the human condition and the human experience. Whether you are looking for information on war, catastrophic or highly influential events, or even famous leaders, you will find new and used history textbooks covering all these topics right here.

New and Used History Textbooks on War

Political conflicts and wars have helped to shape the world as we know it today. Our history textbooks on war present technical data, background information and details on post-war impacts around the globe. There are excellent books covering major and minor conflicts, including the World Wars, many different African civil wars, and American wars. Many of these history textbooks also contain critical details about military science that are indicative of cultural and economic factors that have influenced the art of war. Explore our collection of cheap history textbooks on war to gain a well-rounded perspective on the many wars that have influenced societies from the ancient to the modern.

Cheap History Textbooks on Politics

Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of political science is contained the pages of these comprehensive history textbooks. You will find detailed accounts of the formation of various political parties, including the Communist, Democratic and Libertarian parties. There are also a variety of books written from a global perspective that explore the impact of politics on an international level. Choose from a variety of titles on the politics from different nations to gain an understanding of the distribution of power and government activities around the world. These new and used history textbooks on politics are competitively priced so that students, history buffs and teachers can collect the most popular titles.

History Textbooks on Leaders

Some of the most popular titles in this collection of history textbooks include accounts on the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. From Abraham Lincoln to Winston Churchill, you can learn a wealth of interesting facts about the lives and accomplishments of many influential people. History textbooks on leaders are excellent tools for research projects, leisure reading and college classes.

Discover a newfound sense of appreciation for the human experience by exploring these great history textbooks. You will find all of the most popular titles here, and we even feature a selection of used history textbooks at rock bottom prices.