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Used Reference Textbooks

Reference textbooks make great additions to home libraries, classroom materials, and offices of all kinds. We feature a range of cheap reference textbooks that cover a myriad of topics, from test preparation to writing skills, dictionaries and much more. The reference textbooks in this collection are so diverse that people from all walks of life will find handy guides to fit their unique styles.

New and Used Reference Textbooks for Test Preparation

Among the most useful reference textbooks here are a variety of different test preparation guides that will help you take your academic performance and career to a higher level. The reference textbooks for test preparation that we carry contain tutorials, practical exercises, practice tests, and helpful study hints that will get you into peak academic shape. Look for guides to the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and some industry-specific reference textbooks for test preparation like project management exams and professional healthcare certification programs. These test preparation materials are competitively priced, and you will even find some used reference textbooks that are perfect for college students, recent grads and savvy professionals on a tight budget.

Writing Skills Reference Textbooks

Writing is a necessary skill for just about every industry and profession. Some of the reference textbooks we carry are targeted to help you hone your abilities as a writer and serve as easy-to-use guides when you have a concern about formatting, punctuation or grammar. There are writing skills reference textbooks for students and professionals here. Choose from a variety of cheap reference textbooks that will make you a more effective and productive writer. The rules of popular formats like APA, MLA and Chicago Manual Style are available at low prices. This is a collection of writing skills reference textbooks that you don't want to miss.

Cheap Reference Textbooks for Research

If you are responsible for developing a new plan at work, writing a research paper, or using existing facts and information to craft a project, then we have a variety of research reference textbooks that you can use to get the job done. Look for practical tips on organizing and analyzing data right here. Whether you are a graduate student or working professional, the tips and techniques in the pages of these cheap reference textbooks is a very worthy investment.

Browse our selection of new and used reference textbooks often because we regularly add new titles. The very best writing guides, test preparation materials and research guides are at your fingertips.